Nomarks Instant Glow Bleach Review

Nomarks Instant Glow Bleach

Hi everyone,

Today I am reviewing a bleach cream from Nomarks. I have a lot of facial hair and waxing becomes a pain to do at the last moment. I tried bleaching on my super sensitive skin a few times and so far the experience was good. I bought the Nomarks face pack after reading good review in IMBB and I liked it a lot to soothe pimples. I also bought this bleach along with it. Read on to know more.

Price: INR 20 for 9 grams


My Experience with Nomarks Instant Glow Bleach:

The Nomarks instant glow bleach retails in a white carton box. The bleach and the activator come in a plastic tub with a plastic spatula. The bleach cream is formulated with aloe vera and turmeric to soothe the skin. This bleach doesn’t come with any post or pre bleach cream which I think will be a con to the product.

I bought the smallest pack and mixed the entire content of the activator and the bleach together for bleaching my face and neck area. The activator had a lot of lumps and it did not get well mixed with the bleach cream. I did a patch test and then applied on my face as I did not notice any allergy reactions.


The bleach cream and the activator are cream colored and even after 2 minutes of blending it had a lot of small lumps. I used the spatula and applied it to the face. The bleach had chemical smell but not really strong. The product instructions are provided along with the bleach kit. The mixture has to be mixed in 4:1 ratio. The bleach was not irritating on the skin, slight tingling sensation was evident. I washed it off in 15 minutes after application and then rubbed with ice cubes to cool down the skin.

As the bleach had a coarse texture, it got really stuck to the skin and was difficult to remove. The bleach effectively bleached out all my hair and it turned to a golden brown color. My face was instantly bright and appeared fairer. It is a mild bleach and did not do anything to my tan or dark discolorations on my face.


Pros of Nomarks Instant Glow Bleach

• Decent packaging.
• It bleaches hair well and gives an instant glow to the skin.
• It comes with herbal ingredients.
• The bleach does not sting or irritate.
• It will suit all skin types.
• Sufficient quantity of bleach cream and activator for single use.



Cons of Nomarks Instant Glow Bleach

• The bleach cream is coarse in texture and doesn’t mix well with the activator.
• The bleach after 15 minutes of application, it sticks to the skin and difficult to remove.
• No post bleach pack is provided.


Rating: 2.7/5

Will I repurchase and do I recommend it?

No, it was just an average product. You can skip this one easily, there are far better options in the market.

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  1. You know i tried bleach once *haan ji* but my my it stinged badly, so have completely stopped using it and now shifted to face wax *haan ji*

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