What To Pack in a Travel Makeup Bag

What To Pack in a Travel Makeup Bag

What To Pack in a Travel Makeup Bag

I thought of doing this random post today because firstly, I am travelling around half of India this month 😛 and secondly, I love to see what other ladies carry in their bag and I am talking of the ones who wear makeup strictly! I never ever travel light, so this post is not for the weak hearted.  Considering the baggage allowance in airlines, I don’t want to miss out any thing possible that I would have wanted later. This time I made a huge blunder, I forgot my Philips hair straightener at home and I am so furious that I am even considering buying one more, but my hubby knows I have two back at home, one Philips and another Remington, so I am positive his answer will be “no!” 😛

Nevertheless, I am happy I did not leave behind any possible makeup products I would have wanted. Even something as small as an eyelash curler has to be packed in carefully 😛 So, I am sharing what all I travel with.  There are two bags, one for the check-in baggage and another for my hand bag.  As a rule, always remember travelling light is an art and I haven’t mastered it yet. So, take this post with a pinch of salt 😛

I carry some stuff for my handbag, makeup bag, lipsticks, compact, powder brush, the Lakme brush is doing a great job at compact and blush application and it comes with a cap, so nothing like it.  Another bag is the pink pouch with place to stack in brushes and pencils, so I keep the ¾ th of the makeup in the bigger one that goes into the suitcase. The pink pouch was free with Maybelline since I buy so much with them and the white one is from Revlon.

Pink Makeup Bag

Accessory-wise, I carry some big bangles, all from Pantaloons and one from Avon, glares (two choices in those too :P), wallet, bow hairband, bumpit (yet to review, its my recent addiction) and falsies in case I want to wear them.

Hair Removal Strips

To show you my face products, I am carrying two foundations, an Avon one and another lighter sheer coverage one from Lotus.  Depending on day and night wear, I carry two finishes. Then, I carry a foundation brush and a stippling brush, which I use for foundation and blush too. I am carrying the Lakme Absolute highlight-cum-bronzer because obviously it serves me for both.


For my blushes, I wanted to carry all colors.  What if I suddenly want to wear a coral or a plum. The ones I got are from Jordana, which have all been reviewed by me on IMBB.  The light one in Nutmeg by NYX is for day wear. Jordana ones in Redwood, Terracotta, Blushing Rose are for evening and night wear as I need to attend some family celebrations this month.


I am also carrying a Faces Opera Mauve blush that I had got long back and it goes very well with my skin tone when I want to wear a plum brown. Remember all the products shown have been reviewed on IMBB, so click on the drop down on the right, look for the brand and you can see the details there 🙂

For eyes, I am mainly carrying neutrals since I won’t be needing any color shadows.  The L’Oreal one in Beige Harmony, the Metal Plum single eyeshadow from L’Oreal, the NYX Grey one for crease and the Revlon shimmer one in Neptune Star is the only party wear I am carrying because I will be needing it for a blue dress I have for a party. Hence all the rest are neutrals.


Then, I am carrying the Maybelline gel liner, Audrey lash curler, the Elle 18 liquid liners, some eye brushes from the ELF Essential range, an eye pencil, my color lens, some Jordana base and the mascara which I opened up just yesterday, the hypercurl mascara by Maybelline.  Everything has been reviewed except for the ELF brushes and the Audrey Lash Curler.

For lips, I am carrying Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks in Pink Devil, Rubis Rouge, Coral Reef, Brique Rose to wear according to the color I wear 😛 and the corresponding Avon liners, Lakme 128 which I am loving which I had reviewed recently and an Inglot neutral shade in 411 which I said in my review will be used as a base mostly.


The rest are random things, deodorants, perfumes which I will finish during the trip and I will not carry them back.  Some wipes, sanitizers, hair pins, wax strips for emergencies, makeup removers, scrubs and Hidesign coin pouch.


For skin care, I am on a dermatologist’s prescription these days and I did not click those and the big black bag because unfortunately I need to carry all documents and tickets print outs and things that won’t go in the baby bag, so this bag is a clear choice. I wish I could learn to travel light sometime in my life!

You can ask me for individual reviews and I can guide you through those posts on IMBB 🙂

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42 thoughts on “What To Pack in a Travel Makeup Bag

  1. OMG!! u definitely do not travel light… heheheheeheheheh!!! im glad im not alone.. but i guess going by your luggage… i m slightly better off.. :p

  2. hahaha i m sure there are nt many people here on IMBB who travel light. I also travel with so much of stuff. Once I did a post of it and my friends asked me mockingly if i was taking it all to sell 😛 you packed less lipstick 😉

  3. I also do not travel light… I went to my bestie’s wedding last year, and when I opened my bag, she was like- Ritu has more make-up in her bag than clothes!!! lol… happens with me all the time!
    nice to know there are like-minded people too!!!

  4. hey neha!!! nice post…I just had been to a resort this weekend and i carried so much make up that almost didnt carry enough clothes..hehehe!!make up freaks!!!

  5. hey neha!!! nice post…I just had been to a resort this weekend and i carried so much make up that almost didnt carry enough clothes..hehehe!!make up freaks!!!

  6. :O :O
    Travelling light is not a gal thing…if a lady travels, the complete range needs to travel with her more so if it’s some special occassion 🙂

  7. WOW!!! :O

    I travel so light. When it comes to makeup, I only take my eyeliner, kajal, brown eyeshadow, n*de and peach lipstick, two blushes 🙂

    Nice post 🙂

  8. Me too… i also carry a lot of stuff.. I even carry face masks and scrubs.. btw which is the avon foundation you are carrying..

  9. Whoa! You certainly don’t travel light lady! I am not much better…but I usually just carry my UD Nekkid palette for the eyes and one peach and one pink shade from M*c for the lips, which is where I save most space I think 🙂

  10. for me 2 eye pencils, 2 lippie, 1-2 versatile shadows and a liner mascara 1 es brush 1 blush n one powder brush.. CTM compact and 1 foundation does the work if m not going to a marriage.. 😛
    I am heavy on the footware side.. I HAVE to carry minimum 4-5 pairs

  11. I am the worst packer ever….. Ha ha ha …. I carry a lot of stuff n do not even use half of it… Coz when I’m on a vacation, Make up is the last thing I think of 😉 so Neha I shud say tht u did a good job n yes are u coming to Mumbai??? Enjoy ur trip !!

      1. Try and go to beauty centre…. It is at crawford market…. Kandivali waala is beauty shop which is impossible fr u to go….. Try n convince ur husband!! U can always arrange fr a cab na…. Pata Nhi phir kab Maukaa mile??

  12. so refreshing to see your post neha. These days all i read about are articles where they say be sensible, travel light blah blah..i am sure there is a lot of truth in there and its probably wise to travel light but when it comes to makeup I just cant be sensible. infact with my entire packing i cant be. i carry 2 pairs of shoes, some 5 or 6 tops even for a 2 day trip 🙂

    my makeup is also divided into 2 bags. the one for my handbag and the rest in my main luggage. In my handbag, I carry 1 lipstick, 1 tinted moisturizer, 1 compact, concealer and 1 eye pencil. My main luggage has a makeup kit with 1 foundation, 1 lipstick, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, eyebrow pencil (using the maybelline eyeshadow quad), 1 eyeshadow palette, mascara, 2 more eye pencils (blue and green), 1 gel eye liner (Black). This is just makeup. the skincare is different ofcourse.

    1. But question in my mind is…hw do u organise this stuff in your travel bag :O. Your carry makeup is equivalent to what all makeup i posses

      1. aru i am totally like
        but i can compro on shoes and bags i think 😛
        and priyanka i can totally understand darl! i am obsessed, you dont hav to be !

  13. hihihi neha, i also dont travel light. 😛 and that pink pouch i also got it free from maybelline. love how much it accommodates. I carry only two blushes with me – a pink and an orange . Then i mix and match. 😀 since i mostly wear browns, i carry a palette. I little over so with lip products.. I carry 5 brushes – powder, blush, eyeshadow, blending and pencil. and i mostly carry a concealer with me. that i mix it up with my moisturizer and it works as a foundation. i guess my max load is skincare. i have to have all of it. 😀

    Loved your post. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for this post Neha….comes at the correct time…..the first thing I did after reading your post was to pack my straightener……I don’t want to regret later….:)

      1. Rati…..cheers you also took na he he :*…..you know, I seriously would have hated if I had forgot the straightener, its a must for me…..

        Neha….how do you use the bumpit?? I have two or three of those, but I just use one when I leave my hair open 🙂

  15. i agree with each and every point i made
    i need to make that ready bag as well 😛 and i always miss that one thing i leave behind im sick

  16. oh nice..i wish i could compromise on shoes. I carry one home waala chappals and 1 outside ka. sometimes depending on if i am going for some occasion i will carry 3 pairs in all. I havent spoken abt my jewelry ..am equally crazy abt those. if I know I am going to stay at a hotel i dont carry the hair dryer else that too 🙂

  17. is there anyone other than me who packs light?
    i am a very light packer. however i take 1+ day packing since i plan out everything. depending on number of days i pack clothes. then i pick the lipsticks and eyeshadows which match with the clothes and i tend to pick such shades which goes with more than one outfit. i just carry one blush. in winter pink and in summer peach or bronzer. for travel i carry just a black liquid eyeliner unless i am attending a wedding, the liquid black eyeliner goes with all the outfits. before travel instead of applying nailpolish i do a french manicure. that definately lasts 4-5 days and goes with all outfits and then carry one or two nailpaints. one lash curling mascara. so no eyelash curler.one dewy finish foundation and finishing powder. travel size CTM sunscreen and makeup removing wipes. hairspray and just one bottle of mild yet feminine perfume which can be worn day/night. it all fits in just one cosmetic pouch.

  18. Ahem. Now I am ashamed of myself. Thoroughly, completely, in all its entirety. 😀
    I travel EXTREMELY light – I take an eyeliner (black, goes with everything 😛 ), mascara (a recent addition), lip gloss, lip balm. And for my face, a face cream and powder.
    One tawas crystal (my deo), Jergens body lotion, a Dove facewash (since I can’t really OCM when I travel), and a soap.
    Yes, I really AM ashamed 🙁

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