8 Perfect Ways to Pull off Pink Lipsticks for All Skin Tones

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my beauties,

How have you all been? I’m back with another post, and today I shall be telling you all how to rock pink lipsticks regardless of your skin tone. We all love experimenting with our makeup yet we often step back, thinking whether or not something will look good on our skin tone. Pink is one such colour that a lot of us shy away from. However, we must look beyond this fair-dark obsession and find a perfect way to embrace all the trends. Hence here is your guide on how to rock the pink lips trend.

Find the perfect pink for your skin tone

pink lipstick for all skin tones

The first step to pulling this trend off is to find the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone.
Fair skin tone – If you describe your skin tone to be pale or fair, mostly all shades will work for you, however, it’s best if you pick up shades which are crisp in pigment and peachy in shade. Such shades will neutralise the reddish undertones in your skin. Try and pick shades like pale pink, sandy pink, or peachy pink.
Medium skin tone – If you have medium or olive based skin tone, mostly all shades will look fabulous on you. Just try avoiding bluish undertones and go for warmer watermelon pink shades. Ideal for you would be medium pink, rosy pink or fuchsia shades.
Deeper skin tone – All you dark skinned beauties can go all out with deep and warm shades of pink which stray towards the red and fuchsia family of colours. In pink, try and pick out colours with purple toned pink. Perfect for you would be dark pink, cranberry, and deep berry.

Wear it with nude eyes

nude eyes and pink lips

Nothing can go wrong with the nude eyes – pink lips combination. In fact, in a tropical climate like ours, dewy fresh makeup with subtle pink lips paired with nude eyes can be your go-to look for college or a day out in the mall with friends. Just remember: do your base makeup well, add some shine to those eyes, and wear a pink that matches your skin tone.

Gloss it up

pink lip gloss deepika padukone

This is one way in which you all young beauties can embrace this trend. If perfectly applied matte lipsticks aren’t your thing then go for a fun, fashionable and flirty look with glossy pink lips. Our Bollywood divas are seen sporting this fashion when they are off duty and so can you. With some mascara in your eyes and loose waves caressing your face, this will make you the effortless diva in minutes.

Pair it with a winged liner

winged eyeliner and soft pink lips

Don’t know what makeup to wear on that special lunch date without looking too drab or going over- the-top? The pink lips and winged eyeliner combination will come to your rescue her. A perfect blend of feminine and sexy, this is one of the season’s trendiest looks with Cara Delevingne and all the world’s top runway models sporting this look.

Get the ombre game on point

ombre pink lips

Can’t decide whether the dark shade or the light shade will look better on you? Well, the solution would be – wear both! Not only will it save you from the problem of choosing, you will also have your makeup game on point with ombre pink lips. For the perfect pair of ombre lips, line your lips with a darker colour and start going lighter towards the centre, and you will have that plump perfect pout in minutes.

Smokey eyes with subtle lips

nude pink lips with smokey eyes

Want to channel that inner diva but don’t feel daring enough to go all out on the lips? Worry not because even in that case you can pull off pink lips with panache. Just that, in this case, you need to smoke up those sexy eyes and pair a subtle, peachy shade of pink and you can in no time become that sizzling stunner in that party.

Pink eyes and pink lips

pink eye makeup for summer

Certain moods just demand you to go over the top and you can do no wrong when you want to add that charm by pairing pink eyeshadow with pink lips. Balance it out by keeping one highlight and one subdued or go all out by matching the shades; this is surely one look that will make all those heads turn.

Full face in pink undertones

pink makeup look

When it comes to the full face of makeup, try and keep the tones in the same colour family, including highlighter, blush lips and eyes. If not the same colour keep the undertones common to create that overall glamorous effect.

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