Pros and Cons of Waxing Facial Hair

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Since facial hair is often seen as undesirable by women, we are in a constant rush to get it removed or bleached according to our needs and requirements. Therefore, today, I am back with a post on, “Pros and cons of waxing facial hair”. There are various ways in which we can get rid of unwanted facial hair or conceal them, but waxing is the most sought-after method adopted by ladies to do the job. Waxing, at the most basic level, means to get rid of the hair follicle from its root. Let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons associated with it.

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Stay tuned and decide for yourself whether you should indulge in it or not.

Pros of Waxing Facial Hair:

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1. Better than bleach for those who have a lot of facial hair
If you are someone who suffers from a lot of facial hair, then, bleaching might not be an option for you as the coarse and dense hair will still be visible and not make a pretty sight even after getting bleached. Girls with a lot of facial hair should, without any doubt, prefer waxing over bleaching.

2. Better than shaving
Waxing removes the hair follicle right from its root, whereas, shaving just cuts its head and makes it grow back thicker, harder and blacker. Whereas, if you wax instead, hair that grows back is finer and thinner and that does not look all that bad.

3. Effects and results are longer lasting
When you shave, hair grows back within 3-4 days. While in bleaching, ingrown hairs may start to show up within a week, but your good old waxing lasts for about 2-3 weeks, making it the best option for ladies who have a hectic work schedule and doesn’t get much time for self-grooming.

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4. Gets rid of all the hair
Waxing uproots all the hairs from a large section at once and does not leave patches of golden hair as in bleach, or stray hairs that get left behind after shaving.

5. Reduces hair growth over a period of time
When you keep waxing over a period of months, you will notice that wax destroys your hair follicles, which is not a bad thing as it leads to lighter and sparse hair growth. Also, the hair that grows back is finer and less coarse.

6. Is inexpensive
Waxing, these days, is fairly inexpensive and can be done from the comfort of your home as well. You just need to get the wax suitable for your needs, read the instructions carefully, watch a tutorial or two on YouTube and you are good to go.

Cons of Waxing Facial Hair:

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1. Painful
Waxing your facial hair can be exceptionally painful because of the sensitive facial skin. So, if you are generally intolerable towards pain, waxing might not be the best option for you.

2. Might not suit sensitively skinned beauties
Waxing sensitive skin can lead to redness and a lot of tender bumps on your skin which, when not treated right, can lead to bacterial infections and a lot of discomforts.

3. Can lead to infections
Waxing is not a very hygienic and safe process and can sometimes lead to irritation, skin burns, discolorations and even allergic infections. In extreme cases, you can experience ingrown hairs which might lead to whiteheads or boils filled with pus. To avoid these outcomes, make sure you go to an experienced practitioner only.

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4. Aftercare is necessary
You will need to take care of your freshly waxed skin for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Aftercare will include saying no to sun, using soaps with harsh chemicals and perfumed moisturizers on the face, apart from which you will be given other tips by your practitioner.

That’s all for today, girlies! Hope this helped!

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