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Sneha asks:


I need your help with my limp, thin hair. I have very thin hair and scalp is visible above the forehead. I have tried many hair oils, homemade masks. But nothing helped. Any one of you suffered from the same and found any solution? I like my hair to be long, but as it is very thin, my long hair looks even thinner. I have attached a picture here to give you some idea. Please advise me on any hair mask or oil which works to get volume. Also any hairstyle which I can go for…

Boots Seawood Conditioner
Avon Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Smoothing Conditioner
The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner
Khadi Herbal Hair Conditioner with Vanilla and Honey
L’Oreal Nutri-Gloss Conditioner
Oriflame Hairx Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner
Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo and Conditioner
Dove Intense Damage Therapy- Shampoo and Conditioner
Richfeel Scalp Cleanser Shampoo and Conditioner
Revlon Aqua Marine Hair Conditioner
Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner
Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Conditioner
Lush NEW! Shampoo Bar and American Cream Conditioner
The Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner
Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner

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7 thoughts on “Remedy for Thin, Limp Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. sesa oil,olive oil or sesame a vaporizer (from a medical shop) and steam hair after massaging with oil. I have the same problem.. 🙁

  2. Even i have thin hair and my scalp is visible from the front . First of all go for hair treatment to cut down further thinning of hair . While getting hair cut ask your stylist to give you that cut which gives ur hair volumnized look without sacrificing much on the hair length. Also keep changing your hair parting from time to time *duh*

  3. I have exactlyy same problem and have tried almost evrything…now i am taking boitin supplements and waiting for the results…hair fall still persists… *waiting*

  4. Follow these … u ll surely thank me…
    1) Don’t go for oil… u will face more hairfall…. don’t massage ur scalp for sure the weak strands will fall off…
    2) check if u have dandruff… if so regularly use a dandruff shampoo (just on the scalp)… Don’t stop, continue at least for an year….
    3) go for supplements… protein diets can’t help u immediately… for a multivitamin(consult a dermatologist) … have the supplements regularly with out fail…also include iron supplements..
    4)shampoo ur hair , use conditioner…. don’t stress ur hair with products… be calm and cool…
    My dermatologist suggested me a multivitamin, iron tablet, a dandruff lotion… And said me that i need to continue this for a year to see the results… so i made this as my hair routine. now problem free… hair fall gone… i lose only 5-10 strands a day… no dandruff problem… my hair is healthier than before.
    lastly, if you need to hide ur scalp with hair then go for minioxidal solutions

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