Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Green Twinkle Review, Swatch

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner  Green Twinkle

Hi Everyone,

I am reviewing Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in shade Green Twinkle.

Revlon Colorstay Green Twinkle


INR 575 for 2.5 ml of the product though I got it for Rs. 518 from Healthkart.

Colors Available:

I found around 6 shades (black, silver, gold, blue) in total on the Healthkart website. I have never checked these out in shops. Rati detailed the various shades here.

rati beauty ad

Expiry Date/Shelf Life:

2 years.


I couldn’t find anything on the product or on Revlon website (couldn’t find the shade in Revlon website, so I guess this is specific for Indian market!). I found this list from Wegmans for black shade, but I am not sure if the same is applicable for Green Twinkle.


Ingredient list looks like it has some nice products like aloe and beeswax but parabens!

What Revlon Says about Colorstay Liquid Liners:

“Elegant, sexy and sophisticated, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision. Dries quickly and lasts all day.
– Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe
– Ophthalmologist tested”
EXPERT TIPS from Revlon:
• With a light touch, apply the liner starting at the inside corner and working outwards. Instead of trying to apply it all in one long line, draw several smaller lines. • For a cat eye, extend line slightly beyond outer corner of eye.


The green shimmer-plastic pot is cute with the long cap and its plastic casing, so no worry about breaking it (thank God because I drop things a lot!). Ingredients are not mentioned nor is the price mentioned, but I found the expiry date, manufacturing date and batch code clearly mentioned, which is a relief cos I am very particular about things I put on my eye. The downside is that the opaque casing does not show the quantity of the product remaining inside or even if it gets clogged in!

Green twinkle

My Take on Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in shade Green Twinkle:

This is a shimmer eyeliner in a bluey-greenish color (Rati said it is forest green and I am going with that) and it has a nice party-glitter kind of effect, but they are not chunky or cheap-looking and irritating to apply. In fact, I found this very soft to apply. I applied this on the upper lid and did not experience any irritation. I also rely a lot on the “ophthalmologist tested” in the website, but I dare not try this on the waterline. There was a mild cooling effect, a wait of 5 secs and voila, the liner was set and doesn’t easily smudge (which is a great thing as I do rub my eyes a lot). The flocked tip applicator is very good and soft against skin and very good for creating precision lines.



• Glides on smoothly to create fine lines of shimmery forest green liner with nice pigmentation
• Dries fast enough, 5 seconds is all it takes.
• Flocked tip applicator is very soft and smooth.
• Ophthalmologist tested.
• No irritation, no heaviness of eyes and no drop-off (thank God, I hate glitter all over my face).
• Stays for up to 5 hours (I experimented only till so much, even then no flaking or dropping off), after which, I removed it with soap.
• Cute and useful packaging- I hate when my makeup container breaks!


• I couldn’t find the ingredient list, which is a bummer as I like to know what I am using.
• Not waterproof, which is interesting since you would expect something like that in a product that says “Color Stay.”
• Opaque casing doesn’t let show the content remaining inside.
• It has a very chemically smell
• Kind of expensive, Rs. 575 for 2.5ml!

My Rating:

3.5 out of 5 (minus for no ingredients list, for opaque packing and for not being water proof).

Will I Buy it Again?

Again, I am not sure, I kind of like colored eye pencils more.

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  1. Yep, this is nicely pigmented, but i wish they had made the bottle transparent so i could know when to use and finish this off b4 drying.. :pan: :pan:

  2. very nice shade but doesn’t lakme make similar kinds at lesser price.. even street wear.. u can chk those also.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

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