Statement Bangle in Pink and Gold: Do It Yourself

Statement Bangle in Pink and Gold: Do It Yourself

Hello everyone,

I am back with another DIY.


A few days ago, while I was watching “Nach Baliye,” I saw Shilpa Shetty wearing a huge one piece statement bangle in pink and gold and I totally fell for it. I had seen these statement bangles before and always wanted one for myself, but couldn’t find them easily in the stores. Now, after having seen how fabulous it looked on Shilpa Shetty,I made up my mind and planned to make one. Although, the one that I made is not an exact match for the one Shilpa Shetty is wearing, but it is still pretty close to it.

Shilpa Shetty

This bangle looks like multiple bangles clubbed together with heavy bangles at the opposite ends.

Let’s see how I made this Statement Bangle:

Things You Need:

Pink Bangles 2

  • Thin metal bangles.
  • 2 big brass bangles.
  • OHP Sheet.
  • Fevicol or transparent glue.
  • Marker.
  • Scissors.


I have used 24 thin bangles (2 dozen), however, you can increase or decrease the number depending on how long you want the bangle to be and how huge the brass bangles are. The number of thin bangles should be in proportion with the brass bangles. Also, I would suggest that the bangles you use should be a little loose because if the overall bangle is tight you may face difficulty in wearing them. Avoid using thin glass bangles as they may break while wearing. Metal bangles are the best option.


1. Arrange the bangles in the required order.

2. Take an OHP sheet, roll it and insert this roll in the bangles. The bangles should stay intact and shouldn’t slide down the roll.

Pink Bangles 4

3. Now, mark the area where the edge of the OHP Sheet ends and apply glue and secure both the ends.

Pink Bangles 5

4. Next, apply glue at one end, slide the brass bangle and make sure it sticks firmly to the OHP sheet.

Image 7-Glue applied at one end of the OHP sheet

5. Now, apply glue all over and stick the remaining bangles too.

Image 8- After cutting off the excess OHP sheet

6. Cut off the excess OHP sheet.

Image 9

Voila! Your statement bangle is ready to be worn. Now, this becomes one piece and the thinner intermediate bangles will not move up and down.

Image 10

You can create various combinations and make your own statement bangle depending on the outfit you plan to wear. You can also mix match colours.  This was fun and an easy peasy DIY project. I hope you liked what I made. Do try it out and let me know how it turns out.

Image source: 2

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49 thoughts on “Statement Bangle in Pink and Gold: Do It Yourself

  1. This is wonderful and uhmazing. Now I know what to do with my metal bangles and make them look beautiful. Thanks for this awesome post Dipti

    1. Thankooos Rati… It is pretty close to what Shilpa is wearing.. her gold bangles are huge.. I am hunting for those huge bangles.. 🙂

  2. The bangle is lovely and making it looks easy peasy.. it exactly resembles the one shilpa is wearing! Awesome idea Dipti 🙂

  3. wow awesome work dipti.. 🙂 so easy know.. am going to make one for me now yayyy..
    thank u so much for this masterpiece!!

  4. Hey – I saw that episode , and loved Shilpa Shetty’s chuda too !! When i saw the home page of IMBB with a pic of only the chuda (not Shilpa Shetty), i was thinking only that this is similar to what she wore, and when i opened the page, realised , u were inspired by her !! Never thought about making it though. But now i will definitely give it a shot, thanks for the instructions.

    1. Hihihi…. I was dying to get that bangle you know.. but couldn’t find it at any of the stores nearby and realised that I have brass bangles that I can put to use..

      Smita I hope you enjoy making it… 😀 😀

    1. Hi dipti, i’ve seen this msg ‘moderation’ so many times.. but i never understood it, can u pls explain wat it means ?

      1. Smita sometimes when you comment it shows ” Your comment is awaiting moderation” and it doesn’t show up… and then IMBB admins rescue these comments…

        You didn’t know abt it means your comment never went into moderation.. that’s cool.. hihihi

    1. Sorry for the late reply Renjo… you make it and let me know how it turns out 😀 😀

      thankss hun 😀 😀

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