Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach

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It feels like forever since I last wrote for IMBB. It was like being away from home! Well, I am glad I am back with a new topic. Summers are here in full swing. What better way to beat summer blues than taking a dip in an ocean. Beaches are always fun. They could be more fun if you pack just the right essentials keeping your style and comfort in mind. So, read on to know about what you might need on that beach!

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach

A Colorful Beach Bag

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach8

This bag will carry all your essentials ranging from a good book, sun block, sun glasses, snacks, towels, beauty products and what not!

Stylish Flip Flops

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Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach4

Choose the ones in florescent floral vibrant prints. They will keep you comfortable while walking on that sand and also make your feet look cute.

Chic Swimwear

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach3

Obvious, right? Choose a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable walking around keeping your body type in mind. You can choose all kinds of fun prints to look trendy and stylish.


Sun protection

You want a slightly tanned skin and not sunburned skin! For that to happen, a sunscreen is a must! Choose the one with higher SPF. Do not forget to reapply it throughout the day.


Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach5

They will not only protect the delicate area from harsh sun rays, but also give a sexier and edgier look depending upon the choice of your sunglasses. Make sure your sunglasses too can protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays.

Wide Brimmed Hat

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach7

This will protect your tresses, neck and ears from sun rays. If you do not want a hat, you can also use scarves or bandanas to cover your head.

Cover Up

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach9

You will not be roaming around the beach whole day in a bikini. So, you will need a stylish cover up. It could be a maxi dress, a tunic or a kaftan in light and sheer fabrics.


Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach6

With all the roaming around, you are bound to get tired and hungry. What better way to beat those hunger pangs than something light and delicious. Have little jars of snacks handy and also do not forget to carry water to keep you hydrated.

Lip Balm

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach2

Choose a lip balm which will add a light flush of color to your lips and that also has SPF. Lips can get really dry and dehydrated so a moisturizing lip balm is a must.

A Book

Stylish Ways to Stay Protected at The Beach12

If you are an avid reader like me then a good book is a must whenever you are travelling. A beach is also a place to unwind and relax and what better way to relax than with a good book in your hands.

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  1. I loooooove beaches and carry all of these things except snacks and books. Don’t carry snacks because I don’t get happy when I am happy 😀 and books because I love reading in bed more. 😛

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