The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review

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I have always wanted to try such brush cleaning pads but unfortunately, in India, they all come with a high price tag and I didn’t want to spend that amount of money. But recently, The Body Shop has launched a brush cleaning pad called Brush Cleaner Fingers. I picked up this product last month and already have tried it so many times with various brushes, and I love this tool. Now, let’s get into the detailed review.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review

Price: Rs. 299/-
Product Description:
Keep your expert makeup brushes in tip-top condition with this little silicone brush cleaner. The clever ridged design is ideal for banishing excess residue and maintaining the softness and shape of your make-up brushes.
-For use on all make-up brush sizes
-Featuring ridges in two sizes

My Experience with The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers:

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review Packaging

This pretty tool comes in a normal plastic pouch and it is actually a cute pink coloured silicon pad that has one flat side, while other is a little oval. There is a hole that helps to hold it between the fingers and it is super easy to use. On the top of the pad, there are two patterns, one is striped for big brushes and another one is dotted for small brushes.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review Oval side

So basically, what you need to do is just make it wet and put some shampoo on it and then rub your wet makeup brushes on it. You need to rub it for few minutes and the texture of pad helps to break down all the makeup in the brush. After that, you just need to clean your brushes with normal water and you are sorted with some fresh clean brushes. This is a perfect tool for our regular brushes and it cleans them deeply from their roots. Light scrubbing works wonder with all the brushes and it only takes a few minutes to clean them. I always prefer to use baby shampoo to get the best softness and with this tool, it is actually easier to get that.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review side view

It is best for small to medium sized brushes. It takes a little time to clean big powder brushes, as the top place is a little small for those brushes, but it doesn’t create much problem if you take a little extra shampoo or cleanser to clean them properly. Otherwise, it is an amazing tool which is easy to use and doesn’t create any mess as well. It is a travel-friendly product which you can use anywhere. Also, as it is made of silicon, normal water can clean this tool easily and it takes only a few minutes to dry.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review close up

The quality of this tool is very good, and as it is hard, it will not break easily. Also, it is flexible, so it never feels tight on the fingers — it fits well into them. Also, this never damages my brushes, so obviously it’s a very safe tool.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review two patterns

It is a perfect tool to clean brushes easily and deeply and is best for lazy girls like me. I love this product, and I don’t think about any other tool since the time I bought it. The best thing about it is that it is quite an affordable tool if I compare it with other brush cleaning tools, and so it’s a must have for all makeup lovers.

The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers Review Cleaning brushes

Pros of The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers:

  • Pretty pink colored silicon tool
  • Travel-friendly tool and quite affordable
  • Two different patterns for small and big brushes
  • Easy to hold between fingers
  • Easy to work with and takes only few minutes to clean brushes
  • Deeply cleans brushes from their roots
  • Tool itself dries out quickly
  • Good quality; hard yet flexible tool that will not break
  • Good for all kinds of brushes, especially small to medium sized brushes
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Never damages brushes

Cons of The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers:

  • Couldn’t find any major cons, except big powder brushes need a little extra time to clean

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Body Shop Brush Cleaner Fingers?
Yes, to both.

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