6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair

Today, I would be speaking about the 6 super easy ways to add more volume to your fine and thin hair. Even if you sport a short hairstyle, you still want volume and lusciousness. And, sporting any look with fine and thin hair is extremely difficult. Though fine hair is healthy and strong, they always look lifeless due to its very thin texture. Fine hair won’t hold a curl; it won’t hold any hairstyle and the hot, humid weather can leave your fine hair looking deflated. If you have fine hair, here are some super easy volumizing tips for your hair.

Volume To Thin Hair

1. Go for Layered Cut:

If you want to super size your thin hair, you should go for a layered haircut. Ask your stylist to give your hair a layered cut so that your hair looks heavy and voluminous. If your hair is extremely straight and of the same length, having a layered cut can give them a flatter looking style. So, it is always better to opt for layers on your tresses as it will add extra volume to your hair.

2. Use Shampoo on Daily Basis:

You should use shampoo on a daily basis as it is the best way to add volume to your fine hair. Although washing your hair every other day is not advisable for everyone, it would work really well for girls with fine hair. This is because washing your hair can eliminate the grease and natural oil that gets accumulated on the scalp thus, giving your hair a flattering look. Getting rid of the unwanted oil and grease from the scalp can be an alternative way to add volume to your hair.

3. Upside Down Blow-dry:

One easy way to add instant volume and texture to your hair is to apply a favourite product to your hair and proceed to blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. Once you have flipped your hair back to normal, you will see that the product you have used has already added some volume to your hair. Blowing your hair upside down can make them look voluminous and heavier than usual.

4. Sleep with Bun or Braided Hair:

According to the experts, one best way to add volume and texture to your extremely fine hair is to sleep with a bun or braided hairstyle at night. It will dry under natural air and in the morning, you can observe a lot of texture and volume has been added to your hair. Make sure you use a hair friendly rubber band so that it does not lead to hair loss in the morning.

5. Make Use of Dry Shampoo:

Using dry shampoo on your fine hair is an alternative solution to make them appear voluminous and heavy. Using dry shampoo and other powder products on hair can help to soak the excess oil and grease lingering on the hair line. It helps to weigh down the hair thus, giving you a look of luscious and voluminous hair. Unlike hair spray, dry shampoo helps to add a decent amount of volume to your hair.

6. Regular Trim:

According to the experts, after a haircut, it is said that your hair will start to look flat after 6 to 8 weeks. However, you should avoid meeting this phase of your life and try to trim your hair before it crosses the 6th week. It is always good to opt for a regular trimming.

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