How To Make Tote Bag From T-Shirt – Do It Yourself

How To Make Tote Bag From T-Shirt – Do It Yourself


First and foremost, I dedicate this post to Jomol. She has encouraged me to do more DIYs and I am only happier doing these.  Okay, so I am going a little crafty these days. Diwali is just round the corner and I want to make several things by myself and use them up for Diwali decoration. Sadly, we do not have much (or rather none) signs of Diwali here, but I have plans of inviting a few friends over for dinner and have a gala dinner on Diwali night 😀 Well here, I begin with the tote bag tutorial. I am sure you must have been seen it on the net, almost on all fashion and craft blogs. I am still doing it because I added a slight different note to it and second, I wanted to have a detailed tutorial here on our very own IMBB 🙂

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself

So, here we go:

1. Take a T-shirt that you are ready to cut off as a bag. Sorry, the T-shirts that you see here in this pic and the one out of which the bag has been made of, are different. The reason is, I did this long, long ago, maybe a year back and did not take pictures then. So, for pictorial representation, I used another similar T-shirt. I hope you guys don’t mind that. 😀  The pictures are pretty much self explanatory as I have written a bit of procedure on the pictures itself.

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself 1

2. Cut off the shoulders according to the length of the handles that you want for the bag. Mine was a loose T-shirt, so I just cut the shoulders as they were.

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself 2

3. Cut off the neck. Make it a little deeper as it would help you in loading and unloading the stuff from the bag.

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself 3

4. Cut off another stripe from the bottom of the T-shirt. This is used to give a wide bottom to the bag. If you wish, you can avoid it. But I wanted the bag to work like a box and not like a cone, so I added the stripe. I simply sewed the stripe at the bottom.

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself 4

5. The bag is ready! 😀

How To Make Tote Bag From T Shirt Do It Yourself 5

Simple, isn’t it? It is really simple and it is also a MUST-try. I suggest you use a T-shirt that you dearly like but don’t use anymore. This is an excellent way to keep it with you without having to wear it.

My T-shirt is not only dear to me but also very special. The photo in the pic below is the first pic that we clicked on the first day we landed in Port Blair on 2nd July, 2009. It the blue Andaman sea that you see in the background.


I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial as much I did when I made it. 😀 Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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  1. Wow.. unique n ultimate idea.. 🙂 loved ur piccy.. 🙂
    Mere Aur hubby k sare tees ki shaamat aa gayi ab to.. hi hi hi 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the dedication Surabhi….:* Your posts are such a pleasure to read and I absolutely love your DIYs and the last pic is so adorable….:)

      1. Surabhi…..he he….I totally understand now….Even phone mein, when I talked to you over the phone….I could hear my ECHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..he he 😛

  3. this is just soooooo amazing not only can u personalize d bag but also math according to ur dress…wooow i m digging over my old tees now asap to convert them to bag 🙂

  4. great idea Surabhi….your DIY’s are always interesting….
    cute Tote bag…but more than that i loved that pic on the first bag !!!!u both look great together . “Love makes life beautiful”

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