Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care-Review

Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care Lip Balm- Review

Hi pretty girls,

This is so damn cold here in Calcutta, (although much lesser than that in Delhi) and news says that the temperature is going to drop further!! *oh lord save me *.. so one good thing came out of it is ,with prolonged winter, my winter-care shopping consisting of lip balms and other creams becomes never-ending.Anyways coming back to the review, I bought this “Kokum Butter Lip Care” from Vivel a couple of days ago and I am going to share my opinion on the same.

vivel kokum butter lip care

This is like the cheapest lip balm you can find in the market from a reputed brand and also,this is my first lip balm containing kokum butter. It comes in a tube with a slanted tip. The color is transparent like that of Vaseline petroleum jelly and the consistency is really really smooth, which makes it easy to apply and doesn’t require  much quantity. it’s not pigmented and has no color at all. The smell is very soft and subtle and it makes your lips feel super soft and moisturized, and does not feel like you have anything on at all!!

vivel kokum butter lip care (4)

INR 30

Product description:
• UV protection against darkening of lips
• 24 hours moisturisation with kokum butter
• Extra nourishment with vitamin E
Shelf life:

2 years
Key Ingredients:

pro vitamin E, kokum butter, glycerin, petroleum jelly.

Pros of Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care:

• Dirt cheap.
• Available everywhere.
• Moisturizes lip wonderfully.
• Stays on for like 2hours (tops) or so. (with that price ,it’s really good).
• Contains the goodness of kokum butter and vitamin E.
• Does not become thick during cold weather.
• Comes in tube, easy to apply and carry.
• A little quantity suffices.

vivel kokum butter lip care (3)

Cons of Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care:

• Does not have any tint.
• Contains petroleum jelly, which is infamous for darkening your lips on regular usage.
• No 24hours moisturisation as it claims.

IMBB Rating:


Final word:

This is a good lip balm coming at such a cheap price and all the “awesomeness” it brings along. One great thing about it, unlike the lip balm from “Himalaya” brand, it doesn’t become thick during the cold weather, and hence applying it becomes easier without the formation of any semi-solid lump once you squeeze some amount onto your lips. But this thing contains petroleum jelly, and most of us would know usage of petroleum jelly on the lips regularly may cause darkening. And it also doesn’t have any tint, hence people like me with (slightly or fully )pigmented lips are not recommended this product if you are planning to use it on your bare lips. Although using it over a lipstick gives a wet look to your lips which is kinda hot 😛 .
vivel kokum butter lip care (2)
Would I recommend/repurchase Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care?

I don’t think I will repurchase it again. I tinted lip balms, as my lips are not naturally pink .

vivel kokum butter lip care
And yes I recommend it to everyone..You should give this product a try at least once.
See you all next time… Stay happy stay beautiful  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Vivel Kokum Butter Lip Care-Review

  1. Price is winner for this product but am still afraid as it looks like himalaya one which turned out very bad for me 🙁

  2. can anyone name some lip balms which come without petroleum jelly and which are affordable too??

    Nice revu devleena and didnt knew that petroleum jelly will darken the lips, thanks for telling me tht 😉

  3. Hi Devleena, nice review. you can also add one con of this product that is, if by mistake you lick your lip you won’t like to put this on your lip again because it is so bitter. generally lip balms are good in smell and taste but this one is not tasty. Though we are not suppose to lick our lips if we had used any lip product but we tend to do it. After all its a lip product.

  4. I have this one! I really like it, although the ‘pro’ you mentioned about it being not solid even in cold weather so it’s easy to apply is actually a huge con for me 😀
    Seeing as our winter right now is 37 degrees indoors, it’s no surprise that this drips so bad, I am afraid to even use it for fear of getting it all over my face.
    I like using this as a night treatment – I wake up with a-MAH-zing lips, I tell you. I think it’s better than the Himalaya one in that respect.
    However, I strongly disagree about the smell. To me, it’s a very strong and sickening sweet smell, and if you have a headache or are feeling a bit nauseated, then God help you 😛 And I’m always conscious of the smell when I have it on, because it’s rather strong for me. And this is coming from a person who loves super-sweet smelling perfume and body lotion.
    But yeah, the wet look it gives is HOT! I love using it over my bare lips. Works good for me that way 🙂
    My suggestion – do try this at least once, as Devleena said. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and you never know, you might just find it to be a gem for you 🙂 🙂
    Good review, Devleena.

  5. Hi Devleena, I tried this lip balm after reading d reviews, but I somehow dont like it. The packaging is cute pink & it does give out a nice glossy sheen but as a lip balm it fails.
    It doesnt stay on my lips for more than an hr, 2 at best.
    I dont feel my lips moisturised & nourished.
    it feels like an oily application, I dont like that.
    And yes, it leaks out of d lips on d skin nearby.

    Its not for ppl with dry skin & certainly not a good winter lip balm. At best I’ll use it as a gloss over my lipsticks 🙂

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