6 Workouts As Per Your Body Type

By Chanchala Bose

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We all love workouts, and keeping ourselves fit, is the topmost priority for most of us these days. Without research or consulting experts we tend to hit gym and do whatever workout we can do. We also start exercising in our home without any expert advice or suggestions. And we are all aware of the exercises which can harm our body. So, it’s best not to get indulged in such types of exercises. Know your body and research about the exercise fully before starting. Have you ever heard of different workouts as per the body type?? Let’s have a look at different types of workout for different body types;

workouts for different types of bodyA

1. Pear Shaped:

These women have more weight in the lower body section. They have fat in thighs, calves and butt area. And for them the problem areas are the lower body.

workouts for differrent types of bodyA

Workout: Try to go for leg exercises. Involve yourself in exercises like cycling, jumping, skipping and even running on treadmill. You can even do squats with or without weights.

2. Apple Shaped:

workouts for diffrrent types of bodyA

Apple shaped women,have more weight on the upper body and also in the mid section of the body. So, you need to reduce and tone the chest and upper body area.

Workout: Try to go for swimming, crunches, push ups, triceps extensions and lifting weights.

3. Curvy/Hourglass Shaped:

In this body type shoulder and hip measurements are more than the waist measurements. So, you need to work on those areas.

Workout: Try workouts which focus on waist reduction, as you cannot reduce your shoulders. Dance forms like belly dancing is best for this. Even many yoga poses also target on the waist reduction areas.

4. Banana/Straight Shaped:

workouts for different types of body

These are the body types which don’t have any curves. They are more of a boyish body type, without many curves to the body.

Workout: The aim of the workout here is to add curves and depth to the body. So, target on exercises like leg press, shoulder press, bench press and dumbbell fly.

5. Circle Body Shape:

workouts for different types of body

This is the body type, which has enlarged appearance or fat deposits all across the body. It is completely in the form of a circle and requires a lot of toning and exercise. So, the focus is to target on exercises, which involves reduction of fats all over the body.

Workout: Try to go for extensive exercises like swimming, push ups, headstands, cardio exercises, zumba, plank exercises should be done more and more. As far as yoga, you should concentrate on Surya Namaskars as they target on the entire body.

6. Inverted Triangle:

workouts for different types of body

This body type has an athletic look. The waist size is small, as compared to the broad shoulders and chest.

Workout: Cardio training, should be your focus. Try to practice cardio at least 2-3 times a day. Also, in terms of weight training you should abstain from it. You have enough muscles in your body in the shoulder and chest area. So, try to gain some curves in the waist area.

so, these were some of the major body types and the workouts defined as per the body types. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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