Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower Review

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Today’s review will be a bit different than my usual reviews. As I have mentioned in my previous reviews, I have recently moved out and the best part about it was setting up my own makeup room and vanity space. In the last month, I have been all about organizing my makeup (I clearly have way too much, hence it took so long) and even after all this time, I wouldn’t say it is still as complete as per my liking, but hey, with everything, there is scope for improvement. I did decide to share a space of my vanity for you and also give you a review on this amazing makeup storage product. This review will be on the Zahra Beauty Store Spinning Lipstick Tower.

Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower

Product Description:
Zahra Beauty invented this amazing and never seen before lipstick holder, it’s Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower. It holds about 81 lipsticks in just over small space, making it ideal for keeping all of your lipsticks beautifully organized in a limited space. It spins effortlessly to allow you an easy access to your lipsticks from all four sides, we equipped it with beautiful bling that makes it stand out more and add a touch of shine and sparkle to it.

My Experience with Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower:

Being a self-proclaimed makeup addict, I have way too many lipsticks. Having them stashed around in drawers was just not practical for me as it would be a pain to search for a particular color I wanted and most of them would end up being neglected – as they say “out of sight, out of mind.” Upon endless searching, I stumbled upon this lipstick holder which was everything I was looking for.

Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower from top

Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower

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This holder is not cheap at $99 plus shipping charges, but with a coupon code, I was able to procure with a tiny amount off. But I do think it was well worth the investment as this holder holds about 81 (including the 12 slots on the tops to display your most prettiest of the bunch) lipsticks at a time and displays them so neatly and clearly that I have absolutely no issue finding what I need. Even with putting most of my lipsticks on it, I still have a decent amount of space so that there is still room for my next haul 😉

Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower organizer

The tower feels sturdy and the material used is a good quality acrylic. The spinning mechanism is quite smooth and resistance free. It is available in a variety of different colors and there is also an option to add strips of bling for a little extra cost. I opted for the shade “Classy white” to match my makeup table.

Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower stand

For now, I will list what lipstick it holds easily and which ones it doesn’t from my collection:

Lipsticks that fit perfectly:

Lipsticks that do not fit:

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. Once I run out of space on this one, I will not hesitate to buy another.

Pros of Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower:

  • Fits 81 lipsticks (but there is also a smaller version at a cheaper price).
  • Smooth rotating mechanism.
  • Classy looking.
  • Comes in a variety of shades to match your vanity space.
  • Good quality sturdy material used.

Cons of Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower:

  • It is not a perfect fit for all my lipsticks, some are too big for the slots provided.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. I am so envying you Neha (ofcourse for the # of lipstics and LaMer product)…When you have so many lipsticks, the organizer is definitely worth investing.. Thanks for introducing me to this 🙂

  2. My goal…. It looks so dreamy and perfect.. I just called my mamma and said her like a kid that I want a room like this and she just gave my book in my hand.. Wish the day will come soon, when I also have a room like this… Love Love Love it 😛 😛

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