10 Timeless Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style

By Pallavi Mahendra

We all have two categories of stuff in our closet – the latest runway collection and the evergreen ones. But, we always give more importance to the latter one as it never goes out of style. One of the most common sentiments that many women share – how to make how to make our wardrobes stylish and functional. So I’m going back to basics with ten fashion trends you can work and re-wear any way you like. It starts here with a few easy formulas; just add and subtract to make them your own.
Timeless Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style

1. An LBD

An iconic fashion item, the little black dress comes in many shapes and features many styles – from the body fitting one to the heavily ruffled one. The little black dress is an item every woman should have in her wardrobe. No matter the occasion, it saves you a great deal of headaches.

2. The perfectly sized wallet

Search for the perfect wallet that can hold your life essentials. It’s a great accessory as well reliable friend for every busy woman.

3. The trench coat

trench coat outfits
The wrong top could throw off your entire 9-to-5 game. You keep coming back to trench coats and feel tempted to buy a new one because they are just so comfortable, so elegant and easy to wear with any kind of outfit. Who said that trench coats are out of style? Look around in the street, especially on a windy day and you will see them everywhere.

4. The work flats

flat footwear for office
One can’t wear heels on a daily basis, at least I can’t. A pair of sophisticated flats, black moccasins, brogues or nude flats go a long way (I love a pointed toe and a fun print). Such footwears jazz up your all-black outfit.

5. The diamond earrings

One can never go wrong with a pair of diamonds as they are every girl’s best friend. When you don’t feel like thinking about your accessories, throw these on to complement any getup.

6. A white blouse and denims

white blouse outfits
This is a formula to keep in your back pocket. No need to mention but jeans are any wardrobe’s pillar. For the winter as well as for the summer, short, long or anywhere in the middle, a pair of denim trousers that fits you is your best friend for life. Your jeans are your second skin. And, there’s a reason higher-end ones cost what they do — they’ll fit like a glove. Pair it with a top and you’ll look chic.

7. The leather jacket

It is true that trends change every year, but a leather jacket remains a leather jacket! Comfy and casual, it saves you many rainy days when you have to look fashionable, yet you want something soft and warm. It’s a no-brainer for those chilly nights out when your other toppers just don’t feel cool enough. Invest in one immediately if you don’t own one.

8. The wool scarf

Rather than going for a couple of paper thin street scarves, invest in a good one. For me I like the breathability of natural materials.

9. The oversized shades

oversized sunglasses
The sun spurs all year around. Our eyes tend to show the ageing effect first than any other body part. It’s best to protect them from UV rays. Invest in a pair of good quality shades that’ll help you not only to look trendy but also to protect your eyes.

10. The classic watch

Watches can be really nice accessories especially if you go for the branded ones. A Rolex will still be a Rolex, no matter how much the trend changes.

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