5 Common Beauty Rules French Women Always Follow

I am back with another post and this time I am talking about some common and most important beauty rules that French women always follow to look fabulous and flawless. I am all about finding the tips, tricks and products these gorgeous ladies use to look so perfect all the time. Here are the top 5 beauty rules all French women swear by.


Focus on one feature at a time


One of the best tricks is to just focus on just one facial feature at a time – maybe just your eyes or just lips. They use makeup to bring focus to just one feature at a time. They focus more on highlighting and strobing than contouring. Rarely do they pair highlighting and contouring. They prefer to show one skill at a time. Also, they prefer to go bare-faced with bold red lips to look sensuous.

Stay away from your hairbrush

French women stay away from their hair brush for some time. They brush their hair once before shampooing and let hair dry naturally. They do not brush until they need a particular hairstyle or before their next shampoo. This makes their hair naturally wavy and appealing.

Use your favourite products in multiple ways


The best part about these French women is that they use their products in multiple ways. Their skin, hair and body look quite flawless but do not think they use tonnes of products. They use their favourite products like coconut or olive oil mainly before taking bath, to mix with the foundation for a flawless texture, in lotions etc. Hence, they know how to use one amazing product in multiple ways.

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Find the best product for your skin

I know this is a big struggle with all of us. At least with me. I have not yet found the best products for my skin, body and hair. Every time I settle for a few products, my skin and weather get changed. But things are different with French women as they know what works for their skin and skin tone and what not. They do not change their HG products.

Don’t ever forget to pamper your skin with love


All of the makeup we apply 7 days a week is not going to let us retain our lovely skin and hair for life. It does not matter which brand you are using, you may end up damaging your skin in the long run. Hence, listen to French women and take proper care of yourself from the inside. Lead a good lifestyle, take good diet and never ditch your sunscreen.

Some more French beauty tips you cannot miss:


⦁ Wear the best ever perfume that lingers around you till night
⦁ Quit touching your face and hair all the time
⦁ Do not splash water aggressively on your face
⦁ Always pat your skin dry and do not rub
⦁ Last, but not the least, be comfortable in your own skin

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