5 Different Ways to Use Olive Oil in Winters

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Winter is here. And, it’s the season when our skin is prone to damage and dryness. To deal with this, I have listed out 5 easy ways to use the very beneficial Olive oil to treat extremely dry and flaky skin during winters. There’s no other cheaper way than Olive oil to beautify our skin. This magical oil is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. When applied topically, it prevents the oxidative destruction of our skin. Olive oil is more diversely used than other expensive beauty oils and lotions.


So, here are some easy beauty hacks using olive oil as the main ingredient.

1. Anti-Ageing Oil:


Olive oil is believed to be loaded with antioxidants and the presence of these antioxidants prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Many people use olive oil to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. To get maximum benefits of anti-ageing, use olive oil mixed with aloe vera gel to make your DIY anti-wrinkle oil. When used regularly, it can help to even out the skin around your eyes.

2. Skin Moisturiser:


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Winters can make us realise the troublesome areas of our body as they get very dry and flaky. To keep the flakiness at bay, use this magic oil and massage some quantity on your partially-damp skin. To reduce the greasiness, you can add some lemon juice to the oil. The moisture you get from this oil also helps in getting rid of itchy skin in extremely dry conditions.

3. Exfoliator:


You can use an olive oil as an exfoliator as well. Add some sea salt to it and massage it gently all over your body. It will absorb more quickly if you add aloe vera gel to it. It absorbs easily into your skin and makes your skin softer and plumper.

4. Deep Conditioner:


You can also derive loads of benefits for your hair from this oil. Apply some warm olive oil on your scalp and along the lengths of your hair and massage it well. You can also add an essential oil to increase the number of benefits. Wrap a warm towel around your hair for a steaming effect. You can remove the towel once it cools down; wash your hair with your regular shampoo after an hour. Your hair will be shinier, smoother and healthier.

5. Cuticle Oil:


This oil can also help you in keeping your nails healthy. While soaking your nails in olive oil for a few minutes is definitely beneficial, it can also help with your cuticles. The dry skin around your nails can be painful. To fix this, massage a few drops of olive oil on your cuticles and around the nails. You will achieve softer skin around the nails and your nails will have a healthy shine. The oil also makes your nails stronger and lesser prone to breakage.

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