5 Reasons to Include Marine Algae in Your Skin Care Regime


Sea weed or algae is a much studied scientific organism, but you may not know of the plethora of skin care benefits they offer. Their benefits in the cosmetic industry are manifold, which has prompted many skincare lines, especially in the South Asian market, to quickly market it as their star ingredient. Marine algae can transform your dull, lifeless skin into healthy, radiant one in just a few uses. Read on to know the amazing benefits these green, slimy algae offer and why you should add them to your skincare regimen.

For superb sun defence and photo-damage prevention

The simple truth is that these organisms have flourished on earth for much, much longer than humans. The result is that they are adept at dealing with the damaging UV rays of the sun on a day to day basis. These sun defence mechanisms have evolved over time and can provide protection to humans, too. Applying a layer of microalgae or algal extract infused sun care product can help counteract the skin damage caused by excess hours in the sun. The result – lesser sun spots and signs of ageing. Blue algae are definitely the most powerful one to include in this regard.

Revitalizing skin

Power-packed with a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and most importantly anti-oxidants, these humble to look but mind-blowing to use ingredients help to restore skin vitality and radiance. So if you are suffering from dullness, dehydration and lifelessness, reach out for a kelp or seaweed mask. It dramatically improves the sluggish cell turnover caused by pollution, age and sun exposure. Result – you get new skin cells which impart a healthy, hydrated and bright skin.

Removing toxins

Body wraps and skin masks made from deep sea algae purify your skin from within. The good thing is that it doesn’t act on the skin superficially rather penetrates deep within, helping to release deep rooted impurities and toxins. This helps in controlling sebum and pH balance and also prevents acne and clogged pores.

Potent anti-ageing substance

Skin care researchers and companies have been testing the efficacy of marine algae for stopping the ageing signs. And the results are really great! The algae act as powerful catalysts for skin renewal. Kelp and brown algae are nowadays being intensively used in skin serums, eye creams, and night treatments and marketed as the elixir of youth. Since organisms like kelp regenerate dramatically, they can help in boosting cell production. Not only that, they help to impart a toned firm look to the mature skin.

Fight blemishes and signs of pigmentation

Any kind of dermal discoloration can be effectively tackled using seaweed extracts. In fact, it is a powerful weapon in the battle against blemishes as it combats redness, blotchiness and spots without disturbing the pH levels. So along with a generous dose of moisture, it helps in evening out skin and clarifying it from within to reveal a flawless healthy skin.

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