7 Things You Need to Avoid Popping and Plucking at All Costs

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Hope you are enjoying the festive season. I am relaxing at home after a long time. I decided to overcome my laziness and write a couple of posts for you. We all have the very nasty and harmful habits of popping, picking and plucking. In other words, tampering with different conditions. Here are 7 things you need to avoid popping and plucking at all costs.


Plucking out gray hair


It is a complete myth that yanking out a grey hair will lead to more grey hairs growing back. When a strand grows a gray, it means that specific hair follicle is producing less melanin. Although plucking won’t cause more grey hair to pop up magically, it may result in some trauma to the follicle. Doing this plucking process, again and again, might cause infection or scarring. If need be, color the strand or cut it with a scissor.

Scratching insect bites

An insect bite triggers an immune reaction, resulting in inflammation. It leaves behind a red hard bump and insistent itch. But stop scratching. Though initially it feels good but, with consistent scratching, the area will be irritated and inflamed. This is even more important if you have long fingernails. Too much scratching will activate the immune system and cause higher levels of response, resulting in more inflammation and itchiness. Dab calamine lotion, aloe vera gel or mild hydrocortisone cream to calm the itch.

Popping pimples

I don’t need to re-iterate why popping pimples is a big no-no for us. Not only will it result in infection, it might lead to long term scarring. The infection may also result in more acne breakouts. It’s best to let acne dry naturally or use a pimple drying lotion.

Squeezing blackheads

You definitely need to keep your prying fingers off your face. I agree that those nasty little things look so ugly. You need to force the gunk out, but not using your fingers and dirty nails. The oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells accumulated in the plugged-up pore comes out when you squeeze the blackheads. It can cause irritation, skin trauma, redness and scarring. The best option get them removed by a professional or get some good nose pore strips.

Picking a hanging nail

Remember the nasty and often very painful hanging nail which irks you? Well, let me tell you, it is actually the skin near the nail, not the nail, that’s hanging. Don’t ever bite, chew or rip it off. Bacteria can easily infect the open wound, aggravating the pain and causing infection and inflammation. You should cut the extra hanging skin with a clean nail clipper (sterilise with a hand sanitizer) or small nail scissors. Follow it up by applying an antibiotic or antiseptic cream and cover it with a bandage for a few days.

Picking at your chipped nail polish


Often when you find a missing chunk of polish, we end up picking and peeling every last bit of it. While doing this, we may end up removing the first layer of the nail, causing it to weaken, thin, or crack. Refrain from picking it and better remove it with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Popping blisters

It’s best not to pop blisters. The unbroken skin over a blister keeps it sterile, decreasing the risk of infection. If you really need to drain it here is what you need to do: clean your hands and the blister with soap and water. Swab the blister with rubbing alcohol or antiseptic solution. Using a sterile needle, puncture the blister along the edge, let it drain, but leave the overlying skin intact. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage.

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