Benefit Do The Bright Thing Make Up Kit Review

How many of us are guilty of buying beauty/makeup products that have the cutest packaging?

Well I don’t know about all of you, but I am definitely one of them. I am a sucker for cute packaging and funny names. But that doesn’t mean that I go on buying stuff that looks good and does nothing. And one brand that caters to both my needs is benefit. Now they have a huge range of products especially makeup and it is almost impossible to try each one of them. That is why I love the fact that benefit has come up with cute little kits for different needs. The kit that I am going to review today is the ‘Do the bright thing’ kit which has makeup products that brighten your face. So to know about the kit and the products, read on!


Ingredients and Claims:


Price: INR 2150

Packaging: Like all the benefits products, this kit is beautifully packed. When you remove the outer carton, you find a card-board box shaped like a book. It has a magnetic closure which opens to reveal all the products with their own compartments. The lid of the box has an attached mirror, which is covered by the instruction pages that tell you how to use each of the products.

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My Experience With Benefit Do The Bright Thing Make Up Kit:

This is a fabulous kit. The products are of really great quality. They are deluxe sample sized products but for a makeup hoader like me, the quantity is perfect. Let me discuss each and every product for you. There are 5 different products in the kit. They are:


1. That Girl Brightening Face Primer: It’s a cross between a face illuminator and a primer. This texture is soft and silky and it blends well. When used under a foundation, it gives a subtle finish while keeping it matte. And when used on its own, it brightens up your complexion. Love it.
2. High Beam Highlighter: The Baap of all silver highlighter. It highlights the desired areas of your face without making it look like you have come from a kids birthday party (read covered in glitter)!
3. Dandelion: It looks like a blush but its not. It is a brightening face powder. And man its awesome. You can use it all over your face to add the slightly pink glow on the apples of your cheek and bridle nose to ever-so-slightly highlight them. This is my absolute favorite product in the kit. And it comes with its own brush.*happy dance*
4. Bad Gal Liner waterproof: With all these great products in the kit, this is not quite a hit. The liner is okay and although it is waterproof, it is not smudge proof. Not a big fan of this one. But owing to its size, it’s a great addition to my travel makeup kit.
5. They are Real Mascara: Well what more can I say about it that has not been said yet. Just one word – AHMAZIINGG !!. It gives just the right amount of length and volume to your lashes. Again love it.

So with the description of each product you might have come to know how much I love this kit. The products are really great, work well and are different from the others in the market. I am so glad I bought this kit. And when you work out the cost of each product, you will find the kit is quite nicely priced. It actually is value for money.

So, (phew!!) the pros and cons are here:

Pros Of Benefit Do The Bright Thing Make Up Kit:

• All the products are of good quality.
• The quantity you get is not measly, but actually good and the products last.
• You get to try five different products without spending too much money.
• All the products work really well and are quite different from similar products in other brands.
• Value for money considering the individual product prices.
• The packaging is really chic.

Cons Of Benefit Do The Bright Thing Make Up Kit:

• The liner is not smudge proof. It also is an average liner and fails to impress.
• The kit is missing a lip product. Would have loved an addition of a lip and a cheek tint.
• Dandelion powder is fixed in the kit and you cannot carry it as a separate product.
• The kit in itself is a little bulky for the purse. Making it sleeker would help.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase Benefit Do The Bright Thing Make Up Kit?
Yes definitely. This kit is fabulous and I love all the products. I don’t need any other highlighting product when I have this kit. Also there are different highlighting and brightening products for different uses, needs and times. And the quantity is great too.

Final Verdict: A definite must buy. All the products are really good and work well. I would suggest it to everyone who love highlighting their face or love products that brightens complexion.

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