Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 Review

Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 Review

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This review is of an IMBB sponsored product 🙂 I had bought this sunscreen on 1st September and now it is more than 3 months that I have been using it.  Thank you IMBB for sponsoring this dream product and thank you for all the love and respect.  I am super lucky to be a part of IMBB 🙂 After seeing the list, and talking to Jomol, I ran to the nearest mall to find a Clinique counter. I tried this oil-free face protector on a part of my hand and it felt a bit heavy and I must say I was not much impressed, so I decided to give it some more time and went to the Inglot counter.  After coming back to Clinique, I saw that the part of my hand was just okay and not greasy or oily, rather I saw a bit of healthy glow.  I asked the SA whether this face protector which has a heavy texture would suit my oily skin, and whether it would be a good decision to buy it? He was very sweet and polite and said that though the texture is heavy, the cream just gets absorbed within a minute and he also asked me to be careful with the quantity.  I was convinced and bought this. I am using this for more than 3 months and I feel I am absolutely ready to review this, so read on to know more about this product.


Rs. 1600

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My Experience with Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40:

This Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Face Protector comes in a tube packaging with a silver cap. It has a typical Clinique packaging and is travel friendly.  When I first tried it, my face was looking like I had used some olive oil or some makeup remover, I was sad and disappointed.  After a minute, when I checked, the greasiness was reduced and it gave a nice subtle glow. I have medium to dusky skin tone and I must add that it evened out my skin to an extent.
I have oily skin in summers and normal to dry during winters, and I think this sunscreen worked superbly in both the weather conditions.  In winters, it takes 10 seconds to get absorbed and in summers, it takes almost close to a minute, but once it gets absorbed, it gives a nice, subtle, healthy skin glow and you are bound to notice that.  The only thing you need to notice is the quantity you are using. You just need a pea-sized amount to cover your face. In summer, I generally spray some rose water and then apply this sunscreen and during winters, I apply some gel creme prior to application.

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Now, let’s come to the protection part.  Its a winner when it comes to providing protection.  During these 3 months, I never got tanned.  Before using this, when I used to return home after 7-8 hours, I would see that my face had turned dark, oily, greasy, and what not.  But after using this protector, I did not tan, the tiredness in my face was reduced to some extent and my face turned less oily. Does one need anything more from a sunscreen? I am using this from the last 3 months and with the quantity left, I think I can use it for another 3-4 months, I just wish the price was a bit less, but still I can’t complain because it has UVA/UVB protection with high SPF and its full value for money.

After one month from the date of purchase, I got a call from the Clinique’s SA asking me how the product was working and all, and whether I was facing any issue, that was such a nice gesture, thanks to Clinique 🙂

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Pros of Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40:

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Provides high protection.
  • Oil free and absorbs quickly even though the texture is heavy.
  • Gives a subtle healthy glow.
  • Does not cause any breakouts.
  • Made my skin healthy and better.

Cons of Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40:

  • Heavy texture but that’s not a con for me as it gets absorbed quickly.
  • Expensive but complete value for money, so I can’t complain.

So basically no cons for me.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend/Would I Repurchase Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40?

A big yes, I am getting this again, because I have witnessed the difference it made to my skin.

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  1. I have this one.. got it when I was in US for $20 which was quite cheaper then ..
    I just agree with every word of your review.. your review is perfect 🙂

  2. I shud get this as my debu sunscreen nw.. *haan ji* *hihi* such stupid of me i always avoid sunscreen bt after reading 10 habits that deteriorate our skin wala post i am realy looking forward to get sunscreen first.. *scared* *jogging*
    Great review sreya.. u sold it to me.. *happydance* I am getting this first nw!!

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