Bikini Line Hair Removal Tips

Bikini line hair removal is an important part of personal grooming. People today leave no stone unturned to make an impression on others. Bikini wax does not only make you feel sexy it also helps you to stay away from bacterial infections.

bikini wax

Some methods to remove bikini-line hair:

• Laser Treatment: Laser hair removal has become extremely popular in the recent times because of its speed and efficiency. It involves using the light energy to destroy the hair in a follicle.
• Electrolysis: In this method electric current is used to destroy the hair follicle and since one hair is focused at a time the results are precise and better compared to laser treatment. Just like laser treatment multiple sittings are needed to ‘permanently’ remove the hair.
• Waxing: It is the oldest and the most popular semi-permanent method of removing underarm hair. In this method wax is applied over the skin and then it is ripped off in the opposite direction of the hair growth by a cloth or a paper strip. Waxing removes bikini line hair from three to eight weeks on average. It is a painful method of hair removal. You may notice ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding.
• Shaving: Unlike waxing, shaving pubic hair is neither difficult nor painful and can be done by an individual at the comforts of his home.

Bikini-line hair removal tips:

Take utmost care of your private part to eliminate any chances of infections. Mentioned below are some tips incase you opt for shaving or waxing.

bikini wax• Avoid using depilatory creams for the bikini line area as thy contain chemicals that can be harmful for such sensitive area.

• Bypass waxing if you are taking any sort of acne medication. Also people with varicose veins and diabetes should not get waxing done.
• To avoid razor burns in this sensitive area always use a good quality razor with sharp blades.
• Give enough time to soften pubic hair as they are coarse.
• Apply shaving foam or gel over the area before you start. Do not use normal bath soaps as they will make the skin dry.
• Always shave without applying the pressure on the area.
• The area should be washed thoroughly with antibacterial soap after shaving to prevent tiny skin infections.
• To stop or reduce itching after shaving rub an ice cube over the area.

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23 thoughts on “Bikini Line Hair Removal Tips

  1. great tips. think the permanent hair removal treatment is best for this region. the other processes are not so much efficient. and waxing? my god! it would be painful like hell.

  2. removal of this area is problem for every woman.
    it has been for me and am not ashamed to confess it.shaving if not done properly brings so much itching latter on.
    laser is such a good option
    :thanks: era lovely

  3. Can u suggest best razors, shaving cream…as it always get razor bumps n irritation… aloe vera gel helps to minimize the irritation but its doesn’t help in razor bumps…

  4. can we use veet for hair removal of underarms n bikni line? is there any natural way for eyebrow threading?

  5. I’d suggest waxing as the best option. I’ve been getting a Brazilian waxing done since the last 3 years. And my skin stays smooth for 2 months after a session. No razor nicks & cuts and no ingrown hair. Choose your salon properly. I am from Bombay so I’ve been going to Jean Claude Biguinne. Very safe and hygienic and friendly staff. Shaving and laser treatments may harm your skin too.

  6. Hey guys.. well shaving s the best way to remove hair, i basically prefer dove soap which is very softy with gelet razor, so dat i always softness instead of harshness after shaving.we can uae baby soap instead of dove. This 2 soaps give u feel so softness..
    Nd most importantantly apply loation after shaving is a best way to keep away frm itching..

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