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Rupali Dutta asks:


So about a week or 12 days ago (at the very most), I was using a sachet of Pond’s white beauty daily spot-less lightening cream spf 20, and I took out a little too much (which happens all the time with sachets) and as foolish as I am, I took the leftover cream that was in my hand and kept it inside the top of my Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel. Now, 2 days later as I opened to take out some of the eye gel, I saw that the Pond’s cream has got mixed with the under eye gel, eeks!!! Now, I have not used it since as my sister said that the two creams might have resulted in some chemical reaction or something, but I saw the ingredients of the under eye gel and saw it has purified water, aloevera gel,honey, carbomer and almond oil as some of it’s ingredients, so I don’t see much chemicals in it, is it still safe to be applied, if not under the eyes, but on my face at least?

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6 thoughts on “Can I Still Use My Under Eye Gel: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Rupali,

    I don;t really think Vedic line has mentioned their complete ingredients list. In that case, as your sister said, its best to avoid using it near the eye area or on the face. You can use it somewhere else, elbow maybe 😛

  2. No please dont use it under eye… Parita is absolutely right… whitening creams have a lot ingredients that would not be good for your under-eye skin. You can use the cream else where may be hands and legs… but under-eye skin is very sensitive so avoid 🙂

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