Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume Review

Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume Review

Hi Lovelies,

I will be reviewing my first ever CK perfume today. I bought this almost a year ago and have been using it sparingly because I didn’t want to part with this super cute perfume. Please read further to see what characteristics I like about this perfume. I have seen CK perfumes at Myer and David Jones (Departmental stores) and a few times at Priceline pharmacies. CK perfumes never attracted me before since I felt their packaging lacked feminity (if it makes sense) and most of their perfumes looked like they were for men, that is until I spotted CK One Shock for her in travel size. I have seen the full size bottle at stores before and they looked pretty normal, almost like water bottles, but this travel version is super cute and looks like an iphone with a pretty pink cover.

Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume Review


Unfortunately, the CK website lacks any details on this perfume and doesn’t even have the ingredient list. I did some background search and found out that after the success of the CK one perfume which was a unisex fragrance , CK One shock for her and CK One shock for him were introduced.

CK One 1

Product Description:

CK One shock for her is an oriental floral fragrance with top notes of passion flower, pink peony and poppy flower and middle notes of blackberry, jasmine and a narcissus flower and has base notes of musk, amber and patchouli.


50 ml AUD 49
20ml AUD 20

Good To Use:

36 months from opening.

CK One 2

My Experience with Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume:

I picked this up from a store called “Cosmetics Direct” which like the name suggests sells fragrances, skin care and makeup. What attracted me most was the packaging of this particular fragrance. This travel version comes not in a bottle but in a rectangular iphone like container. It also has a cute bright pink coloured cover. After my initial attraction to the packaging, I tried the tester and liked the fragrance as well. The fragrance is not “oriental” by any standard as described, when I hear the word oriental I think of typical flowery and traditional Asian fragrances, this is not even close. Also, I didn’t feel any “shock” as suggested. Even though most of the notes are flower notes, this has a slightly sweet fruity fragrance.

CK Shock

The floral-fruity fragrance is soft and feminine with a touch of sweetness, but it does not have too much sweetness like cheap sprays. The initial smell dries down to a powdery sweetness which I really like. This fragrance can be apt for any age group, but I would recommend it to the 20-30 age group, that’s my personal opinion. The fragrance despite the price only lasts for a few hours and has to be re-applied during the day.

Let me come to the packaging. It comes in a white sturdy rectangular container with a cute pink cover. Because it is so sleek, it is not made of glass, it is so easy to throw it around in my bags/luggage etc., without worrying about breakage. Since it is only a 20 ml container and because it is made from plastic, it is light weight. This is a casual fragrance that can also be worn to work.

CK Shock One

Pros of Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume:

  • Sleek, lightweight container in travel size which is very easy to travel with. This being an EDT gives all the advantages of roll on and solid perfume because of these attributes.
  • A floral fruity wearable fragrance which is good for casual wear.
  • Container does not leak even if it gets thrown around.
  • I find this perfume packaging extremely attractive and girly.

Cons of Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume:

  • Fragrance does not last long – it lasts maximum for around 2-3 hours.
  • If you are into musky or highly sophisticated fragrances, then this is not for you.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Calvin Klein CK One Shock For Her Perfume?

I definitely want to get another travel size of this product because it is so convenient, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, the full size is available easily.

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