Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencil in Black Review

Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencil in Black Review

Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencil in Black Review

I always wanted to try an eye shadow pencil. When I saw Coloressence Premium shades eye shadow pencil online, I thought why not. I ordered it in black. Basically, it is a “trial and error” product for me. I was not much bothered about whether it is a hit or miss.  Two days later, when I received the package, I was a little confused as I was expecting a bigger pencil, something like the NYX jumbo pencil. It was just like an eyeliner pencil, a very thin pencil.

Product Description:

“With its spectrum of color alternatives, Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow pencils complete the perfect make up look. Lines your eyelids or dab on as an eye shadow with a single touch. The color does not lighten or melt and shines all day long.”

I have some Coloressence products such as lipstick and lip gloss. Unlike those products, this pencil has its full ingredient list on the pencil. The packaging is quite normal. The color of the pencil and lid goes with the shade of the pencil. As I got it ijn black, it is a black pencil with silver writing on it.


Though the list of ingredients is printed on the pencil, they missed the quantity this time. It should be somewhere between one and two grams. I saw 1.45 gm mentioned on the e-commerce site.  The quantity is quite good for a price. The price of the pencil is Rs. 150

Eye Pencil

The texture of the pencil is good and easy to work with. It is not creamy. If you expect the kind of creaminess like Faces eye pencil or Colorbar eye pencil, you might not like it.  This is supposed to be an eye shadow pencil. It can get smudged easily. The pigmentation of the pencil is good. It is not an intense black, but a very good black.

Now, comes the staying power.  It fades away in a few hours, maybe 2 to 4 on oily lids and 4 to 5 hours with a primer. Can you believe? It just fades away. In addition, when I rubbed my hands while swatching by mistake, it vanished. This is total turn off.  It is not water proof and at times it transfers on the lids when used as an eye shadow. I think by now you would have decided not to buy this pencil. For me, I have another big reason. As the pencil is very thin, it will take a long time to work with. I feel it should be called an eyeliner pencil.

Eyeshadow Pencil

Let us summarize the pros and cons now:

Pros of Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencil in Black:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Cons of Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencil in Black:

  • Lack of staying power even with a primer.


I would not recommend this pencil. It may be an okay product. With its staying power, it is not worth a try.

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