Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil)

Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil)

Hello Everyone!

I am back again with a review on a branded Castor oil. I have done my schooling from Rajkot and it is that I got introduced to castor oil. People in Saurashtra region of Gujarat apply castor oil to wheat and then store it for the whole year. I used to see this happening every year. I have also seen girls in Saurashtra applying castor oil regularly to their hair and trust me, they all had awesome hair!

Dabur Erand tail

Since then, I also started using castor oil for my hair, which now has become a habit. At least once a month, I completely soak my hair in this wonder oil.


Approximately Rs. 38/- for 60 ml. (My bottle has hardly anything visible on it, that’s why an approximation).

I happened to purchase this on one of my visits to the medical store. I have used other unbranded castor oils before this, but the reason, I have come up with this review is the purity of the oil.

castor oil

Off late, I had started realising the fact that the castor oil that I used in my childhood and the one I use nowadays has a lot of difference in its viscosity, but this, I guess is the purest form of castor oil available.

I have purposely kept my palm tilted and you can see that unlike other oils, it is dripping very slowly.


Directions For Use:

Castor oil is used as a mild laxative and the dosage for the same for children and adults has been mentioned on the pack.

My Experience with Dabur Erand Tail/Some Benefits of Castor Oil:

This is the purest form of castor oil that I have used. I use it almost daily on my eyebrows and lips. I have seen my eyebrows grow thicker and the black spots on my lips have reduced.

  • I apply this on my hair once in a month, although washing hair becomes a very troublesome procedure after its application, but I can see my hair become dark and smooth after every wash.
  • My sister-in-law had undergone an operation last year for her knee ligaments and she applied it on the scars of the operation (on my request) and now her scars have lightened to a great extent.

Castor oil has profound uses in beauty, skin, and health, and you can find loads of tips related to it on IMBB.

Few of the Profound Benefits of Castor oil are:

For Hair:

Regular castor oil use on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:
1. Increase hair growth.
2. Thicken hair that is starting to thin out.
3. Reduce and prevent hair damage.
4. Eliminate dry hair.
5. Make the hair fuller and shinier.
6. Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp.
7. Prevents dry scalp.
8. Boost your hair’s overall health.

For Skin:
1. Effective for acne sufferers.
2. Helps to erase wrinkles.
3. Prevents skin from becoming oily.
4. Helps in growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.
5. Massaging hands and feet with castor oil helps in keeping them soft.

For Fungal Infections:

The oil contains Ricinoleic acid and this helps prevent the growth of yeast, viruses and bacteria. Many people have been able to control and eliminate nail fungus by wrapping the nail in a cotton wool ball soaked in castor oil.

For Constipation:

It is a proven mild laxative for people of all age groups, only the dosage may differ.

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39 thoughts on “Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil)

  1. O wonderful Nidhi :thanks: :thanks: u knw it is best fr undereye too same lyk almond n seasame oil :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  2. Wowww Nidhi..this looks so wonderful!!!! ….. Very nice and detailed review!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  3. nidhi this is fantastci n thnks for sharing
    hope ur sis is doin fine now
    n must get one bottle for home now

    yeah i have heard that ppl store rice and wheat longer with the help of castor oil
    my relative suffered from some urinary infection and she found castor oil to be the only and last solution

  4. Castor oil is super! I used to have silky straight hair but when I got them permed, they went all frizzy and dry on me. Castor oil has made them shiny and manageable again. :toothygrin: The only issue is that it’s slightly thick and sticky and it’s a pain to wash it off but really, I don’t mind that considering the results it gives me. :woot:
    It’s very good for oil cleansing method or any kind of cleansing mask too. Pulls out all the gunk.

  5. Hello everyone,

    I just came to know about this site today, and trust me when I say that I have learned SOOO much about make up & beauty in one hour of my browsing here, that I had never known. :jaiho: :yahoo:

    Now, I have also realized about which products to buy :woot: and which never to even have a look at !! :yikes: lol !!

    Thanks a lot for this!! :thumbsup: :clap:

    Also, I never knew that Castor oil was so wonderfully great! I am surely going to have this one, but would have to search out for it here.. wonder if this very same one is available here in Kuwait. But, could you pls temme as to how much oil should we apply on our hair? and how often??

    I also have another question. Actually, I have curly hair, which become very dry usually. I am also having quite a hair loss. I had cut my hair, but have noticed that they aren’t growing longer like how they used to. Its been months since the hair cut, but there hasn’t been any much of a significant growth in the length. I would be very very grateful if I could get a help on this issue and for having more moisturized, shiny & smooth hair and to control my frizzes. Pls guide me as to what products I should be using and any nice tips for my to do like hair packs, etc.

    Will be waiting for a reply.

    Once again, Thanks a ton!! :cheers:

  6. I hadnt bought castor oil though it was in my mind, as dint know where to find a pure one. ur review just came in time nidhi 🙂 but havent seen the dabur castor oil anywhere in bangalore, will search for it
    thanks so much :))

  7. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: Thickens hair that has thinned out?! Makes hair fuller and shinier?! Increases hair growth?! I friggin just need this now! I’ll hoard at least 4 bottles of this the next time I see it. :jaiho: :jaiho:
    Thank you for this enlightening post,Nidhi! I had no idea that castor oil has so many benefits. :nono:

  8. Hey ! Great post … I wanted to ask you, I have been using Castor(from the chemist)+Olive oil(Figaro) ..When I use just the castor oil my hair falls in bunches the morning after 🙁 🙁 @!Should I use Dabur one or does Castor oil not suit me at all 🙁 !

  9. hi, i m nt as expert as u al,but i thnk mixing 2 higly viscus oils may lead 2 hairfall!
    Wel u can mix it in other lighter carrier oil lyk sweet almond oil! What i do is- mix castor oil wth coconut oil in 1:4 ratio n store it in a container! If u wt u can add little bit of olive oil 2 it! I also luv 2 add few drops of rosemary , lavendar n jojoba oil in it and use it every alternate day! Hope it helps! :waytogo:

    1. Good grief! :tremble: So, THAT is why I had my hair fall out like Newton’s apples last month! :scream: I had mixed olive and castor oils and used to apply it regularly. Thankfully, when olive oil got over, I switched to castor-coconut oils combo instead. Thanks a lot, Dr. Shilpa! You probably saved me from imminent baldness. :toothygrin:

      1. Oh God ! Thanks a lot! U really did save me too from baldness…I didn know that !! Will use ur tips and hopefully my hair will get back to normal! Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂
        Yay! Lavender oil 🙂 🙂 Will hunt for it…my hair wil smell so nice 🙂 hehe !

      2. oh pls dnt mention n its shilpi nt shilpa!
        Also lmk if it worked 4 u as wel!
        By the way falling out lyk newton’s apple,so funny. Rofl! 😆

  10. I recently bought this for my kids actually. When they complain of stomach pain, I apply a little around their navel. It is supposed to cool down the body and reduce stomach pain if caused by heat.
    Now, I will start using it on my hair also 🙂

  11. Nice Review…. 🙂
    Its used quite a bit in my family since we have a weak digestion…My doctor prescribed it because he doesnt want to give me enzymes at this young age…..
    I asked my Mom to send it with a parcel from india, because I have started mixing it with olive and coconut oil and I massage it into my hair….
    I even put it on my eyebrows, lashline, waterline…….Even if it gets into your eyes, its good and helps cool the eyes down for a good night sleep….
    But I hate hate hate the smell…..My dad has to hold his nose and eat sugar quickly after having a spoonfull of it…..Its too thick to gulp down! His face turns red and he acts like a such a kiddo! :stars:

  12. 1) grt review and tips
    2) Dr Shilpa- Im so gonna do what u said
    3) Im getting this ASAP now
    4) the name reminded me of Castor (apni Rads) so im giggling now :hihi:

  13. Great Review Nidhi,
    Its true that Castor oil reduces hairfall and helps hair growth..
    My mom mix cocunut oil + Castor oil.. and that time i had a very thick hair
    The only problem i faced is, it cause me severe headache.. :headbang: so i stopped it…
    But this is the best for ppl who have hairfall..

  14. Hey Girls! I am glad that all of you liked this review..& m sorry for not replying to your comments as I was busy with Sharad Purnima Celebrations!
    Here go the replies . . .
    @Jiya : Yes, I sometimes use it for undereyes also.
    @ Praseena: :thanks:
    @Kimi: :thanks:
    @Neha: I dint know about the Urinary infection thing..shall research this on net.
    @Rati: It is a wonder bottle for me. But Gujjus say this oil provides cool effect on the scalp.. dont know if it is good to use it in extreme winters (I dont have any proof of it..just heard this)
    @riya: All the best
    @Jabberwocky: Hey thr! I also feel it cleans my scalp of all the possible dirt.
    @Sana: Hi Sana…:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: . IMBB is indeed a wonderful platform! and you shall find info related to all your queries- hair packs, prob of frizzy hair etc. This is a very thick consistency oil, hence difficult to apply and wash.. I apply it once a month and it does considerable good to my hair.
    And Sorry but I absolutely donot have any idea about its availability in Kuwait. 🙁

    @Vid: You cna get it in any medical store..since it is marketed by Dabur as a mild laxative.
    @Pragnyadeepta: 🙂 Good Luck dear…just dont get mad at me when you take lots of time..both to apply it and wash it off. 😀
    @Riti: Riti I guess you should give this bottle a try and then also if you have hairfall then maybe the oil isnt suiting you. BTW dry scalp ke liye this and sarson ka tail both r great options ..i know this coz my sis-in-law uses this.
    @Somreeta: Hey thr! I always keep on thinking from where do you get such Wonderful ideas for blog posts…hats off! bad that it dint suit you 🙁
    @Mitali: Good Luck
    @Dr.Shilpi: Hello Dr.Shilpi…your suggestion sounds good..shall try it next time.
    @Meera: 🙂
    @ 😀 :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
    @ Somreeta: :thanks:
    @Visakhi: 🙂
    @Mugdha: Hi Mugdha! Well I was totally unaware about the cooling effect on eyes.
    @Bee: :thanks:
    @Sim: Well I tried applying this on my undereyes and sides on my mouth…it is very sticky…but morning when i wash it off my skin feels very supple. (I have a normal skin)
    @Shami: Hi Shami…I faced the same problem twice….severe very severe Headache, but then I realised I had applied it on a dirty scalp…I tried applying it again on a clean freshly washed scalp…and I dint have that headache ka problem again 🙂

  15. hi nidhi, glad u lyk my suggestion,
    actualy i had faced pblm of serius hairfall,so did an extensive research on it n nw my hairfall has completely stopped!
    By the way nice review n i m also a gr8 fan of castor oil,did wonders 4 me! :waytogo:

  16. waaaaaoooo castor oil is definately a wonder
    and i tell u what my father is a dealer of dabur’s almost every product
    but i mentioned this oil after reading your blog i m definately going to try it out.
    mamoth thanks to u.

  17. hi nidhi !! i read ur post nd liked it evn!!! my prblm is, i hv oily skin nd evn hav pimple scar……
    i read smwhr that ocm (castor +olive oil) will deal wid all such prblm. i hv been using it since wk but nt getin desirable result.plz suggest me smthng!! i badly need it 🙁

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