Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

Hi Beauties,

I am reviewing one of my black pencil eyeliners today. This one is Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in the colour black.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

Lately, I have stopped using any eyeliners or kajals on my waterline. I feel it is too much of a hassle to remove it. My under eye becomes so dark after a while and now I sort of prefer kajal on a more occasion specific basis. I don’t wear it every day or just while going out normally, but rather when I am going some place other than my own city or to some party or something.

Last time when I went outside, I was wearing Sephora black eyeliner on my waterline. It had smudged somewhat because I have such a bad habit of constantly rubbing my eyes that I end up spoiling my eye makeup. The SA noted this and asked me to try the Diana of London eyeliner. I liked how black it was, so I decided to go for it. Although, it was somewhat pricey, I didn’t mind it because this was an easy to use pencil than the others which require constant sharpening.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

Product Description:

A new automatic liner with an intense rich color pay off that blends on application, giving a non-smudge finish. It provides an easy way to line the top and lower lash line of the eye and offers a great lasting hold for an all day perfection look with smooth and easy contouring. Comes along with an end tail sharpener to form a precise and bold tip.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black


Rs. 425/-.  There are other shades available too, but I bought the black one.

The eyeliner is of good quality. Its not too creamy or too dry.  It glides on easily and gives a perfect line. I had tried a Faces eye pencil which was so creamy that I found it too hard to work with. This one has no such problem. The colour is intense black and looks very good on the eyes.

One of the best features is that if you find it hard to work with eyeliners which become flat after a while, this can be sharpened using a sharpening tip at the other end.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

It stays on for a good amount of time and does not smudge at all. This is a matte black one which is also a plus for me since I don’t really like any shiny eyeliners. A little smudging is okay considering how harsh the weather is in India. Once you apply the eyeliner, it takes some time to set itself and after it sets, it is so difficult to rub it off.

The only problem with this one is that when I rolled out all of the product, it was pretty less which can be a minus point considering the price, but of course, you get full usage from this one since there is no wastage in sharpening as is the case with other pencil liners.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

The pencil is safe for use on the waterline as well as on the eyelids.  It did not irritate or sting my eyes. Hence, all in all I think this is a great product.

Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black

Let’s sum up the review and move on to the pros and the cons:

Pros of Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easily available.
  • Many other colours available.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Intense colour.
  • Good pigmentation.

Cons of Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black:

  • None other than the fact that it is less in quantity.

Would I Repurchase Diana of London Perfect Stay Eyeliner in Black?

Only after I finish my other black liners.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. Wow such a perfect timing for the review! I was looking for a Jet black liner and this one looks superb! great review Harman!

  2. Wow!! Blackest black.. dont know but the ad in which kareena advertise for bags is coming inot my mind. “Its not black, JUST BLACK!!!!!” this word would suit this liner 😉

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