Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

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We all are really obsessed with makeup. Our day is incomplete without makeup. We just need a reason to spruce ourselves, whether it be office time, party time, holiday time or a formal get-together time. We are just ready with our weapons 😛 Though I am not much into makeup stuff, yet there are certain things which I never miss wherever I have to go; kajal or kohl is one of them.

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

I have been using kohl pencils and kajal (depends on the occasion and mood) since my early college days and a day without the application of either of these has not come yet. I am a big fan of Biotique Kajal, but that smudges a lot and you have to do touch ups every now and then. This was the reason I bought this kohl pencil by Max Factor.  Please read on further to know more about this kohl pencil by Max Factor.

Product Description:

This Kohl Pencil is your secret weapon to sexy, striking eyes! As well as defining the shape and adding a splash of color to your look, it can be sexily smudged across your eyelid and under the lower lashes in true rock chic style. The soft, easy blend pencil takes seconds to apply and gives an instant shot of glamour if you’re going from desk to dance floor or from workout to work!

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

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220 INR for approximately 1.2 grams.


Normal crayon pencil with a cap.

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

Shelf Life:

Well, this is the best part of this kohl pencil. The shelf life is 3 years.

My Experience with Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black:

I just love the way this kohl pencil brightens up my eyes and gives them a definition which is worth noting. In two perfect swipes, I have that cent percent accurate kohl application. The color of the kohl is Black (shade #20).  Many more colored options are also available in the same range.  The kohl is highly pigmented and smooth in texture. I feel as if I have not worn anything on my eyelid and water line.  It glides on smoothly and gives my eyes the accentuated look. The company claims it to be smudge proof, but I do not agree.

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

It does not smudge around the lower eye area that much, but yes, it smudges around the outer and inner corners of the eyes. I have to keep on wiping those areas with tissue.  The next disappointment is the staying factor. When I had applied this kohl for the first time to office, I had swiped the pencil 2-3 times heavily to give the waterline an intense black color and I hadn’t checked the mirror after that.  To my surprise, when I reached office and checked myself, I couldn’t see the intensity.  There was nothing except a hint of kohl on my waterline.  I re-applied after wiping off the smudged kohl, but I was still confused about the staying power. I use it regularly just because of the way it defines my eyes, but have to do touch-ups at regular intervals.  It is not waterproof because whenever I splash my face with water, the kohl fades away and then I have to re-apply.  Now, I would say that I share a love-hate relationship with this kohl pencil.

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

Pros of Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black:

  • Gives intensity to the eyes.
  • Defines them in a dramatic way.
  • Deep black in color.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Does not sting waterline.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Reasonable price.

Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

Cons of Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black:

  • Not smudge proof.

Finally, I would like to say that you can buy it if you want to make the process of applying kajal much easier, but it is not waterproof or smudge proof.

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13 thoughts on “Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black

  1. Pallavi……Maybelline colossal is a good one. Also, never get the Hashmi one….it goes all over the face 🙁

  2. colossal is good and so is the one from lakme the chubby pencil.i do not buy mayebline for personal reasons.they test on animals.but lakme chubby pencil is jet black and doesnt smudge at all.good review.detailed.

  3. Nice review…. too bad it is not smudge proof. I can live with kajals that are not water proof. But they have to be smudge proof for me. Had REALLY BAD experience with the hashmi one. Jomol’s comment reminded me of that. 🙁 Now my HG kajals are Collosal Kajal and Lakme kajal (d one with golden designs).

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