How To Walk in High Heels

How To Walk In High Heels

High heels never go out of fashion! Did you know that when used at your advantage, a chic pair of high heels could be the short cut to looking smart and alluring? Wearing high heels could help you in getting those longish legs and flatter tummy you crave for! When nothing seems to work to improve your looks, just try to fit in a glamorous pair of heels with confidence and see the magic! Suddenly you feel eyes taking a sneak-peek into your shapely ankles and sleek legs. Your confidence level is boosted and in no time, you are at the centre of attention! High heels impart a seductive beauty to your being and all you need is the right balance so that your gait is perfect and the steps you take never go wrong!

How to walk in high heels

How To Walk in High Heels – Choose the Right Shoes First

Shoes can go a long way in ensuring that you take the right stride! Heels are indeed fashionable and they make you look smart like never before; they are of different kinds and you get them in an array of choices. A smooth transition from one heel to another in the proper sequence would help you master the art of walking in high heels with confidence. Here are the tips for you:
• As a beginner, go for a shoe which has a broad and low heel. This will impart a lot of support to your feet as well as on your heel.

black shoe

• After you have got the hang of it, switch over to kitten heels. They will let you start with your gaining the skill of balancing yourself in heels.

black peep toe

• After you have got used to wearing them, start moving on to boots that have high bit broad heels. This will give you a chance to get accustomed to steep arches while, at the same time, the broad heel would offer you the much-needed support!

rati beauty ad

red boots

• Now, it is time for you to switch over to high wedge heels! Your feet are placed high above the ground and yet, there is the chance for you to get the added comfort since the heels are attached to the soles.

white wooden wedge

• Finally, you are in a position to wear stilettos that can be called the mother of every heel! After your transition from one heel to the other, you are now surely in a position to wear them and carry yourself with ease!

Hot pink shoes

How To Walk in High Heels?

runway shoes

While wearing high heels can be alluring, nothing can be more un-seductive than falling down while walking in high heels! Here are a few easy steps you should follow during your initial days of walking in your fashionable high heels; when practiced, the strides would automatically follow the pattern:
• Step on with your heel down so that the sole may follow in quick succession.
• While you walk, point your toes straight ahead or at least, keep it as near to straight as you can.
• If striking the right balance while walking is a problem for you, keep swinging your arms. This will give you the balance that you need.
• The legs should be kept straight, parallel and close to each other.
• Take short and even steps.

How To Walk in High Heels – Tips and Warnings

High heeled shoes

• Try to get hold of cushions that are available in specialized shops and you can stick them to your shoes to give you added comfort while you walk.
• ‘Practice’ is the key-word. You should practice and practice till you attain perfection. Remember that the models who are seen cat-walking on the ramps have mastered the art over the years and not in a single day!
• Avoid walking on mud, slush, ice, sand and gravel while you are wearing high heels.
• Avoid slippery surfaces.

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  7. The Most comfortable heels are the wedges!!

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    1. awww i can understand you, cos i have flat feet too ….but mine are totally flat, always a pain to wear the wrong kinda shoes.

  9. Ha ha the ‘avoid walking on…’ tip – I end up wearing these in all wrong places n get laughed at grrr. Thankfully haven’t hurt till now. So knowledge abt upcoming trip is v v imp to wear or not wear heels lol. Helpful tip!!!

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