Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes Review

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Hi girls,

Few months ago, I had reviewed Essence Frame for Fame Lashes. That was my first experience with false lashes and I quite like those eyelashes. So, this time, I bought this Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes pack. Let’s get into the details.

Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes Review

Price: INR 299 for 40 individual lashes
Products Description:
feel like a star! the false lashes give your eyes the wow-factor they deserve! the false fame lashes are comfortable to wear and have reliable staying power. suitable for multiple use. one set contains either one pair of lashes or 40 individual lashes as well as a tube of eyelash glue.

how to apply false eye lashes

My Experience with Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes:

These lashes come in a cute, silver and pink cardboard box packaging. The actual lashes are nicely placed on a tray and this tray is covered with a thin plastic cap. The packaging is safe as well as attractive. The pack contains 40 individual lashes and 1 small glue tube. All the details and directions are nicely described on the packaging itself. I really like this small and travel-friendly packaging. Though the packaging is a little flimsy, I can still store it well. There is one problem with the packaging – the eyelashes are placed in very small areas; my fingers aren’t able to reach those small areas easily. Hence, it becomes very difficult for me to pick up individual lashes safely from the tray.

Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX

The tube of the glue looks very small, but the packaging of the glue is actually nice. This small tube has a nice applicator wand which applies and spreads the glue easily. Since it’s small in size, the tube is quite easy to use and doesn’t create any mess. The glue looks creamy and is white in color; it takes a few seconds to attain a perfectly sticky consistency. This glue has the perfect consistency, hence it keeps these eyelashes in place.

single eyelashes

There are four rows of different lashes in the tray. The combination of the lashes is very nice. The first row contains the smallest lashes that can be applied on the inner corners of the eyes. The eyelashes in the next column are a little bigger, and need to be placed next to the smallest lashes. Next are the medium sized lashes which are for the middle part of the lash line. The longest lashes are for the outer corners and are stacked in the last column. These lashes are enough for my medium sized eyes, but I think these won’t be sufficient for big eyes.

Essence white eyelash glue

These lashes look very natural and are not thick or heavy. The size of each individual eyelash isn’t the same, as I have explained above. Since this pack offers eyelashes in different size, I can use them as per my desire and create various looks. These eyelashes feel extremely light on the eyes; in fact, after a few minutes, it feels as if I have not applied anything. Also, the glue doesn’t irritate my eyes.

false eyelash small size

But the application of these eyelashes is not really easy. As the lashes are very thin and tiny, placing them perfectly on the lash line is a task. I can’t hold these eyelashes properly with my fingers as they keep slipping away. At times I feel that these eyelashes are way too thin and light. I can’t apply them nicely on my lash line as at times it becomes impossible for me to blend them all together. Also, applying these lashes at the inner corners of my eyes is way too difficult and these lashes end up looking messy.

false eyelash big size

I have naturally long eyelashes, so the small lashes look too small on me. Only the longest lashes look fine on me. I need to apply a mascara if I want these lashes to match my natural eyelashes; the overall look appears very unnatural if I don’t apply a mascara. I don’t know why, but I can’t use these properly. The application of these eyelashes takes a lot of time hence I end up getting bored. I feel professionals can use these lashes better.

essence single lashes

The eyelashes look good with normal eye makeup, but they can’t give that dramatic look to your lashes. So, if you want super volumizing lashes then this pack is not for you. These are just normal lashes.

eotd with false eyelashes

These lashes stay on my eyes until I peel them off. But these lashes are also a little hard to remove since you need to remove them individually. I need to peel off every single false lash and then clean them individually too. And this process take quite a long time. Still, I would say, there is no pain or irritation during removal. Overall, this single-eyelash concept is not for beginners.

Pros of Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes:

• Travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable.
• Comes with its own glue.
• Contains 4 different types of lashes.
• Lashes look quite natural.
• Lashes stick well and do not irritate the eyes.
• Feel light and give a natural look.
• Can be applied in various ways (if you’re an expert).
• Good staying power.

Cons of Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes:

• It’s difficult to pick up and store the lashes.
• Lashes are way too thin.
• Quality could have been better.
• Smallest lashes are smaller than my natural eyelashes.
• Difficult to apply and remove.
• Application takes a lot of time.
• Appears uneven and messy at times.
• Can’t provide much volume or length.
• Not for beginners.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Essence 04 Single Lashes MIX Frame for Fame Lashes?
No to both. I am not comfortable with this kind of single eyelashes, and these are definitely not for beginners.

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