H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner Review

H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner Review

Heylo Ladies!!

I am here again with another review. This time it’s a conditioner from H2O. Please continue to read on to find out if I liked the conditioner or not.

H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner Review

Product Description:

A luxuriously moisturizing conditioner to restore bounce, strength, and shine with blue sea kale, vitamin E and hydrating marine blend.

Best For: Limp hair. To restore bounce, strength and shine.

How It Works:

Blue sea kale smoothes the hair cuticle and strengthens elasticity to help prevent breakage and provide optimum shine. Moisture rich marine botanicals, including wakame, sea lettuce and sea fennel, provide deep, oil free hydration for touchable soft hair.


Key Ingredients:

Blue sea kale, Vitamin E, Hydrating Marine blend.  (The bottle mentions the full ingredient list, but since it is an old bottle, I cannot read the list. However, the conditioner does contain sulfate).

How To Use:

After shampooing, massage into hair and scalp. Leave on 2-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


INR 1190/- for 370 ml.

Shelf Life:

The bottle does not say anything about the shelf life.

My Experience with H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner:

The conditioner comes in a plastic, see-through bottle with a flip top cap. The cap is easy to operate and is sturdy enough. Despite that, the bottle is not travel friendly because of the bulkiness. The see-through bottle lets you know when the product is about to finish.  Coming to the consistency, the product has a slight runny consistency. I don’t like conditioners that are runny in consistency and thus this product fails to impress in this aspect.

Sea salt

I bought this conditioner some time ago when I was very worried about the dullness of my hair as this promises to restore shine when used in conjunction with the shampoo. The shampoo from this range has already been reviewed here on IMBB and has performed well. In fact, I like the shampoo much more than the conditioner. This conditioner miserably fails to deliver.

The conditioner does not keep up to its claims. This one does not work well even with the shampoo from the same range and even with other shampoos.  My mom used the shampoo only once and took it away from me. Another friend used this conditioner and when I told him this conditioner’s cost, his reaction was “this doesn’t feel like I am using an expensive conditioner, my Garnier one is much better than this.” He is a Garnier fan BTW.

sea salt shampoo

(Please excuse the messy cap, the bottle is quite old)

Jokes apart, except the nice floral and fruity smell, which also does not last long, the conditioner does not leave you with many points to love it.

Summing up the review, let’s list down the pros and cons of this conditioner:

Pros of H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner:

  • Sturdy bottle, easy to operate flip cap.
  • Nice fruity and floral fragrance.
  • Does not make hair greasy.

Cons of H2O Spa Sea Salt Nourishing Conditioner:

  • Does not live up to its claims.
  • Expensive.
  • Not easily available.
  • Runny consistency.

Overall Verdict:

For this price, the conditioner isn’t worth a try. This does not make hair greasy; however, does not bring life to dull hair as claimed. The shampoo from this range works wonderfully well. However, this conditioner can be totally skipped.

IMBB Rating:

Nothing beyond 2/5, only for the see-through bottle and nice fragrance.

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  1. ya very expensive.. I use Fiama di wells.. conditioner (Polishing drops).. Quiet cheap and good performance

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