How to Prevent and Deal with Chin Acne

Hi girls!
I am back with another important post that I am dealing with, acne. Although I don’t really had any pimple anytime in my life on my chin (till date!). But many girls and even boys face this problem of chin acne. So I am here to tell you in brief the cause and the precautions to prevent your beautiful face from chin acne, as this is not something hereditary or by birth so it can be healed easily.

Chin acne

Causes of chin acne:

Any kind of acne problems are faced, due to hormonal shifts and our skincare routine. Out diet do matters a lot too. Many women face jaw line acne problem during their monthly cycles. The problem with this chin acne is they don’t respond easily to any kind of treatment as these are cystic and deep inside. These are usually painful, so you need some patience to heal these. But the main cause of chin acne according to face mapping is digestive system problem relating to stomach and small intestine. So to save yourself from chin acne, you need to take some extra care of your skin by using purifying masks during that month of your cycle and maintain an active and healthy digestive system.

 How to deal with chin acne 2

How to prevent chin acne with some tips:

Avoid dairy products completely:

how to deal with chin acne

I know we are suggested to have a lot of calcium by means of drinking milk and consuming dairy products. Cool it is true, but for your skin you need to completely avoid dairy products, if you are a fan of milk and curd, make sure you use cow’s milk and not buffalo’s milk. Also consuming dairy products is hard to digest so your chin pimple may be a because of your dairy products intake.

Keep your cell phone screen clean: Mark my words girls, if you don’t keep your cell phone clean, you are definitely going to face a lot of acne problems and infections. We apply a moisturizer or a foundation, and we talk on our cell phones with skin intact, all the makeup, dust, moisturizer gets mixed up on the screen. So I often use a hand sanitizer or guard cleanser to keep my phone screen very clean and free from infections.

Use non drying acne serums : Whenever you feel like you are going to get a pimple at your chin or jaw line, you would feel the pain and redness beforehand, so immediately start using a salicylic acid face wash and a non drying acne healing gel. I would suggest Lotus acne clarifying cream with spf 25, as it dries out biggest pimples within weeks. If you do not want to use it, i would suggest you to apply toothpaste, ice or even neem paste and apply it only on your breakout area.

Contact a doctor for antibiotics : Seriously girls this helps a lot as in case of hormonal acne problems, an oral antibiotic pill does wonders to your skin acne as it completely kicks out the acne causing bacteria’s.

Do not skip the moisturizer:

How to deal with chin acne 3

You can leave that pimple area, but apply the moisturizer all over your face. You just need to make sure that you are using pimple controlling moisturizers. As I am suffering from acne, so I use Dr. Reddy’s sebum control moisturizer and it seriously makes my skin soft and supple without creating sebum.

Get an allergy test done : Many people face skin problems like painful pimples due to their allergy for some or the other product. Check out your wardrobe, if you know you are allergic to some colors or fabrics, immediately take them out. And make sure you keep your sunglasses, scarfs and hats very clean as they come in contact with your face.

Some tips to keep in mind:

• Don’t pick or touch your pimples.
• Take gynecologist help instead of a dermatologist. Because if your hormones are balanced you will face no issues.
• Spot treatment works best if you don’t face this issue anywhere else on your face.
• I would suggest using overnight skin clarifying serums as they penetrate the skin deep inside and work really well.
• Don’t forget to use a sunscreen and a protective lotion when you are at home.
• Apply ice once in a day on the pimple area as this would reduce the hotness lol.
• Don’t directly rush to the doctor for that pimple, wait for few weeks and try things at home. Also don’t crazily invest in cosmetic acne products, only very few really help.
• If you are a makeup junkie, no worries, just make sure to pamper your skin with a very good skincare regime.
• Avoid changing washing detergents too often. As I remember, I tried some new detergent, and after wearing those clothes, I suffered from a very bad back acne.

Take care girls. Hope the post was helpful.

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  1. I m used to having those painfull acne on my chin and they are too stubborn and do not go so easily. Infact leave a mark….
    I loved these tips and am gonna try some which I havent. Hopefullly M gonna get results.
    Thank you for sharing.

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