It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Review

Skin Type: Dry and occasionally acne-prone.
Skin Colour:Fair with neutral undertones.

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Since summers are already here and weather is becoming intolerable day by day, my skin was losing its natural sheen and brightness. I came across this facial cream from the Korean brand It’s Skin, which claims to brighten and whiten skin with every use. So, I went ahead and bought this to find out how well it lives up to its claims. Today’s review is on It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream. Read on to find more about this product.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Review

Product Description:
It’s Skin Secret Solution contains instant-dissolve formula that seeps into the layers of the skin making it bright instantly. Skin feels supple, silky and lightly illuminated with regular use. White Flower Complex infuses skin with hydrating benefits that last all day!

·Long lasting moisturizing effect
·Skin looks bright and lighter instantly
·Leaves skin soft and supple

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Details

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Ingredients

Price: INR 550 for 50 ml.

Directions for Use:
Take sufficient amount of product and gently spread it all over the face.

My Experience with It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream:

Packaging: The packaging of this facial cream is very cute and adorable. I mostly find Korean brands coming up with innovative and eye-catching packaging features. This facial cream’s packaging is also similar to that. It comes in a white coloured, sleek plastic tube which has a lace design of wedding dress embossed on the top. The product has to be squeezed out from the plastic tube. Hole of the tube is tiny and there will be no product wastage during usage. On the back of the tube, all the product details and ingredient details are written in Korean language.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Packaging

The packaging is sturdy and suitable to be carried around in a bag. I love the packaging because, it is hygienic to use and your fingers will come in touch only with the required amount. Overall, the packaging is attractive and travel-friendly.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Tube in Hand

Texture and Consistency: The cream is white in colour. Consistency is not very thick like other facial creams available in the market. It is slightly thicker than the consistency of a body lotion. The cream feels very light on the skin after being applied. The consistency is not at all heavy and blends into the skin effortlessly. I felt it to be slightly oily at the very beginning but once you start massaging it, the greasiness vanishes and it sets into the skin perfectly. This cream gets absorbed really fast and you will never experience any hint of stickiness once it is fully absorbed.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Product Name

Fragrance: This cream is scented and smells of tropical floral fragrance. It is infused with white flower complex which gives it a nice smell. I love the pleasant smell of the cream and it will not be overwhelming for sensitive noses.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Nozzle

Results: My skin experienced no breakouts after application. I use this cream every day before stepping out into the sun. It did not take much time for me to notice the results. As soon as I applied it, it felt greasy but nothing to worry about it as it gets absorbed very easily. The feeling of oiliness is gone after sometime. On the very first time of application, I noticed my skin colour getting brightened. It looked brighter and lighter than before. And, I spotted this difference in my skin tone in just a few seconds. Well, this change was truly magic!! I was so happy with how it instantly transformed my dull skin and made my face look whiter and brighter. It made me feel refreshed and uplifted my mood. I applied this cream even on my arms and legs and the results were very much visible.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Cap Open

But, I would not say that this cream gives a very good moisturisation effect to my skin. It definitely makes my skin soft and supple, but the hydration is not very long-lasting. I have been using this for over a week now. With regular use, my skin complexion got lighter and it looked more glowing.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream on Hand

But, when I was in outdoors and when I started sweating, the glowing effect faded away. The best place to wear this facial cream would be for an indoor event or for a party where you would love to flaunt brighter and paler complexion. If you are looking for instant transformation to dull skin, this is your perfect pick.

Staying Power: Staying power is decent if you stay indoors. The moisturisation is also not very promising. Another thing about this cream is that once you start sweating, the whitishness will fade away. So, you cannot wear this cream in terribly hot weathers.

Its Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream Hand Swatch

Overall: During summers, using this cream is totally a failure because, the effect of this cream will fade away. And, people who will have outdoor activities mostly can skip this. In my case, I would not repurchase this cream as I have to step outside almost every day.

Pros of It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream:

  • Cute, adorable packaging.
  • Instantly tones up skin tone.
  • Makes skin whiter and brighter.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Quick absorbent.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Quick solution for getting glowing skin.
  • Can be applied to face, hands and legs.
  • Suitable for indoor events and party time.

Cons of It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream:

  • Does not give long-lasting moisturisation effect.
  • Appears oily in the beginning.
  • Not suitable for summers.
  • Whitening fades sway if you start sweating.
  • Slightly expensive.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would you Recommend/Repurchase It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Facial Cream? I will not repurchase it. People who have more indoor activities can think of giving this a try.

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