Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal Review

Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal Review

Today, I am going to write a review on my first product from a very famous brand, Khadi. This face scrub is the result of an impulsive online shopping, so I didn’t have any high expectations from this scrub, but it turned out to be quite good. Now, let’s come to its review:

Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal Review

Product Description:

Khadi face scrub totally made from herbal. Item useful for all types of skin. It removes germs and pollutants from the skin.

Face Scrub 1

How To Use:

Wet the face and neck. Apply scrub 3 to 5 grams gently. After 5-10 minutes, wash with warm water.

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Akhrot, rose water, sandalwood oil, papaya juice.

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Rs. 100 for 50 gm.

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My Experience with Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal:

This scrub comes in a small, steel container, you know something like “cheeni patti wali dabbis,” but a shorter and smaller version of it. The lid gets quite difficult to remove with wet hands and the packaging is not at all travel friendly. By the time I got the parcel, part of the scrub had spilled out from the container.

This scrub is white in color with brown granules and smells of papaya and sandal wood. As soon as I opened the container, I could smell it and the fragrance stays on for some time after scrubbing on the face and fingers. Though papaya lovers might like it, it might pose a problem for sensitive noses.  By the way, I have sensitive nose and it didn’t irritate me.

As soon as I apply this scrub, the first feeling I get is “wow,” how creamy and moisturising this is. I love the way it feels because of its extremely creamy nature, you know like massaging your face with lotions. It moisturizes my skin too, so it’s quite good considering the drying effect the weather has on my skin at present. I have oily skin and it didn’t break me out, but still, I would think twice before using it in summers. So, this will work nicely on dry skin, but might cause a problem to oily-skinned ladies in summers.

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The granules are coarser than the exfoliating particles of other scrubs I have – FabIndia Neem and Tulsi Scrub and VLCC Fade Tan Scrub.  I am mentioning these scrubs here so that you can get an idea about the granules. Though they are coarse, they don’t feel harsh because of the creamy texture of the base.

Now, coming to the effects of this scrub. I can see a glow on my skin as soon as I wash this scrub. My skin feels quite soft due to the moisturising effect. It removes white heads and black heads effectively and doesn’t break me out. But considering the coarse granules, I use it just one or two times a week.

Face Scrub 5

Pros of Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal:

  • Claims to be totally herbal.
  • Leaves a glow on my skin.
  • Very creamy and moisturising.
  • Removes white heads and black heads.
  • Didn’t break me out.
  • The fragrance of papaya and sandalwood is quite pleasing.

Cons of Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal:

  • The granules are coarser than my other scrubs, so I don’t use it that frequently.
  • Packaging is not at all travel friendly and the lid is difficult to open with wet hands.
  • Creamy base might cause problems in summers for oily-skinned people.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal?

It is a good scrub for winters and if you are a fan of Khadi products, you can give this a try. I am not sure I will repurchase it because it is going to last me all winter and I am not sure if my oily skin will like creamy base in summers.

Have a nice day 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Khadi Face Scrub with Papaya and Sandal Review

    1. Thanks alot Gowme 🙂
      i have oily and acneprone skin Gowme and it didn’t break me out but i am not so sure about the summers 🙁

  1. Hey Same-Name.. 😀

    I have used Khadi rose scrub and I really liked it but it can get a little harsh on skin if rubbed hard. So, one should be gentle and also closing and opening this tub can be a pain.. 🙁

  2. hi surabhi. 😛 though i don’t have an ‘a’ in ny name people used to write my name in school as surabhi and now i actually know someone with same name, its feels so good.
    yeah i agree with you about being gentle while using this scrub. 🙁 and the lid problem 🙁

  3. thanks parita di 🙂
    this one is my first scrub with creamy base, so i am a bit confused. but if you don’t like scrubs with creamy base u should definitely stay away from this. 🙂

    1. Thanks alot jomol di 🙂
      they are definitely good and worth getting. i love the feeling i get while applying it. 🙂 i use it very gently and less frequently to deal with the coarseness problem 🙂

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