Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad Review

Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad Review

Hi Girls,

First of all New Year wishes to everyone (this week has bangali, Marathi, kannada, tamil, telgu, malyalam and Hindi new year).  Today, I am going to review cotton pads for you all from brand Konad.  This brand is famous for its nail art supplies.  I have used their mask sheets and hand cream before, so when I saw this product from them, I thought there is no harm in giving a try as cotton pads are something we all need every day.  Till now, I have used cotton balls only and this is my first cotton pad. I am happy with cotton balls and bought this product out of pure fancy.



Rs. 130 for 100 pads.

Product Description:

Nothing given on the box, got this information from the selling site.  “This embossed cotton is made through dry process, prevents cotton from separation or lump. It helps to apply right amount of toner. Essence to your skin with slow absorption of compressed cotton.”

Konad Cotton Pads 2

Konad Cotton Pads 3

How To Use:

Softly tap your skin with toner or essence using the pure cotton pad. Use lips and eyes remover to remove makeup around the eyes and lips. Use nail remover to remove nail polish.

Konad Cotton Pads 4

My Experience with Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad:

Like most of you, I use cotton balls several times a day, for applying toner, for removing eye and lip makeup and for removing nail polish.  Till now, I was happy with the cotton balls I had been using since ages, but after seeing many cotton pad reviews on IMBB, pads caught my fancy and I started looking for one. The Konad Niju girl cotton pads come in a purple and pink carton which is quite small and cute. But it is not very sturdy, as the paper used for the box is thin. These cotton pads are square and approximately 2*2 inch size. When compared with cotton balls, they are easy to use as one does not need to tear it like cotton balls.  They clean skin effectively and are soft on skin. However, I feel that it absorbs toner or makeup remover more than cotton ball which leads to more product usage.


I wish they were a little bigger in size as with this size, I end up using 3-4 cotton pads to clean eye makeup from both eyes. They are most efficient in cleaning nail polish, as more absorbed remover liquid keeps it working long. Due to their small size, they can easily be carried in any small makeup pouch on the go.  I like them but my search for better cotton pads is still on.

Konad Cotton Pads 8

Pros of Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad:

  • Does a good job in removing makeup and nail paint.
  • Soft on skin.
  • Easy to use and carry around.
  • Cute packaging.
  • 100% cotton.

Cons of Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad:

  • Absorbs more liquid which leads to more product usage.
  • Very small pads compared to other options in market.
  • Costly for this small size.
  • Not very easily available.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad?

No, I will look for bigger cotton pads next.

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12 thoughts on “Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pad Review

  1. i got these last month and since then have used them just 2-3 times…..its not an excellent product for me but its not too bad either….small size is a problem but i was able to remove my eye makeup in just two pads 🙂 and i agree with you on the fact that they do absorb more product….

  2. too small and absorbs too much product :-/ not for me then. thanks a lot for the review sweta! 🙂 i was thinking of getting cotton pads after seeing revws here just like u 🙂 will skip this

  3. these look cute shweta but as soon as i saw the size I was also wondering if these would be super efficient.. you just mentioned it. :)) I love that honey bee design.. so different no? 🙂

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