Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask Review

Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask Review

Hello Ladies,

I love using different face masks and face packs as they do good to my skin and helps me take good care of my skin. I keep looking for homemade and readymade face masks, and on one such moment, I saw this face mask. Cucumber always works well for my skin and this one claimed to contain Vitamin E and collagen also which is known to improve the skin’s elasticity.  All this was enough to tempt me and I ordered this face mask.

Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask Review


Rs. 65 for 1 sheet.

Product Claims:

Face mask to moisturize and increase skin elasticity for healthy and younger looking skin. The sheet type essence mask is easy to use and effective in skin recovery treatment. It contains cucumber extract for soothing, brightening and moisturizing the skin and DipotassiumGlycyrrhizate (Licorice root) which prevents skin trouble and makes skin healthy. Vitamin E and collagen presents in it increases the skin elasticity and brightens the skin.




Directions For Use:

  • Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
  • Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face.
  • Wear the mask for 15-20 minutes and peel off slowly from edges.

Face Mask

My Experience with Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask:

The mask comes in a sachet, inside which there is a single sheet of face mask made of thin absorbing cloth. The cloth was all soaked in the face mask liquid and it was a bit difficult to open up the mask as it was sticking to itself. When I opened the sachet, the first thing I noticed was a fresh smell of cucumber. I was impressed by that. I applied the mask on my face and lied down on my bed. This mask unlike some other face mask sheets I have used before had patches for eye area also. So, my full face including eyes was covered with the face mask. It felt very cool on my skin and the experience was relaxing. Though I felt a little bit of tingling around my nose where I have some open pores, that is the area which stings the most, so I did not care much about i.  Slowly, the tingling sensation stopped and the strong cucumber smell also vanished.  Later, it smelled like some flowers, which was nice.

After 20 minutes, I removed the mask, though the mask was not dried fully. Removal of mask was not difficult or painful, it came off very easily.  As there was still some liquid remaining in the mask, I applied it on my neck and hands. I did not wash my face after removing the mask as my face was still feeling wet with the liquid, but it was feeling a bit sticky. It was similar to the stickiness you feel after using cucumber juice. I coped with the sticky feeling for 2 hours, then gave up, and washed my face with water.  I saw no instant results but the layer kind of thing was still visible on the skin. I decided to sleep like that to find out if there is any improvement in my skin the next morning.

Sheet Mask

The next morning, my skin looked supple, bright and glowing. I had not used the night cream the night before, but still my skin felt so good.  I gave all the credit to the face mask and was happy with it, but the effects I saw were not long lasting.  By evening, my skin was all the same again. I was disappointed. To cut the long story short, I saw no miracles from this face mask and I am not very impressed by it.


Pros of Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask:

  • Smells like fresh cucumbers.
  • Gives a nice cooling effect when applied.
  • Face mask sheet is easy to use, covers full face including the eyes.
  • Easily available online on good discount.
  • Skin felt brighter, glowing and supple.

Cons of Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask:

  • The effect does not last long.
  • Difficult to find in stores.
  • Contains parabens and other chemicals.
  • Sheet gets stuck to itself.

Final Verdict on Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask:

I saw the results but they did not last even for a day.  I am not sure if something went wrong on my part as after removing the mask what needs to be done is not mentioned anywhere.  I am not impressed with the mask and won’t be very willing to try it again. I had expectations from it but it did not live up to them. I leave it to you, if you want to try, go for it, otherwise I don’t recommend this face mask.

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Will I Repurchase Konad Niju Cucumber Essence Mask?


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  1. nice review sweta.. 🙂
    will stay away from it.
    i use grated cucumber on my face directly. n it works well if i am regular

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