Kryolan Eye Pencil Review

Kryolan Eye Pencil Review

Hi All!!

Here I am with another Kryolan review. It is an eye pencil this time! I have got a grey colored pencil and here goes the review!

Kryolan Eye Pencil Review

Product Description:

Soft textured contour pencils in three ranges:  Classic, Iridescent and Fashion.17.5 cm Pencil length, made of cedar wood, with metal tip protector.

Grey Pencil


Rs. 175


It comes in a silver-colored body with words engraved in silver. The cap is a small metal one.

Grey Eye Pencil

My Take on Kryolan Eye Pencil:

Since I was extremely happy with the lip pencil, I got the eye pencil. I did not want to invest much on any other eye makeup product without knowing how it would fare. So, went for a safe bet – a pencil! I swatched the colors and got a matte finish pencil in grey with slight bluish undertones and another one in metallic finish.  I was amazed at how smooth the application went on. The tip actually broke twice while swatching at the store! I was both happy that it was creamy and soft, but worried about the tip getting crumbled often. When I applied it on my eyes, there was not a bit of tugging! I was extremely pleased! At first, I wore it at about 7:30 in the morning and it stayed till I washed it off by evening 7:30. It did fade a bit (that is because I have oily lids and sweat a lot!).

The next morning, I applied it at 9:30 in the office and the oiliness was less (because of AC and no sweat) and it stayed till I removed it in the evening by 8:00 PM.  I used it on my waterline and to my surprise, it did not sting at all and it did fade like usual kajal on my waterline, so nothing special on that aspect. I am not sure if it is safe to use such pencils on waterline (I applied on my waterline just to test if it stings or not), but it is great for the lash line, both lower and upper ones and that too for Rs. 175!

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

Here’s how it looks on my eyes. Please excuse the lighting (picture was taken in white light indoors at night) and my oily lids with dark circles and tired eyes (had just returned from office). :toothygrin:



Pros of Kryolan Eye Pencil:

  • Creamy formula which gives a smooth application on my lids.
  • Does not tug at the lids.
  • Very cheap for the quantity (the pencil is 17.5 cm in length, more than half feet) and it will last for a long time.
  • It is sharpenable, so it is hygienic.
  • Has color band at the end for easy identification.
  • The staying power is really good! It did not smudge until I wiped it off.

Cons of Kryolan Eye Pencil:

  • There were no ingredients list mentioned anywhere.
  • Availability is a big problem (this showroom in Chennai is their first store in India and another one in Delhi).
  • No names for the colors, they have some weird numbers.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Kryolan Eye Pencil?

Yes! It is really worth the price.

Will I Repurchase Kryolan Eye Pencil?

Definitely, I am going to get some blues and purples to experiment as it does not burn a hole in my pocket (stay tuned for the metallic finish pencil!)

Since many of you wanted to see how the Maybelline swirl gel liner in brown looked on my eyes, here’s a picture for you. Please excuse my clumsy application.


The SA told me they are going to open stores in Mumbai. Will definitely update it in my next review!

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20 thoughts on “Kryolan Eye Pencil Review

  1. Thanks Shruthi. you have applied it really well and anything that works on the waterline is always a bonus. by the end of the day my dark circles also get more prominent so thats the neg part of it else these pencils are worth it.

    extra thanks for the maybelline swirl demo. i was one of those who had requested for it. :teddy:

    1. Thanks a lot aruna! Your appreciation means a lot to me :puchhi: I too have bad dark circles :waaa: trying to get rid of it! Yeah the maybelline swirl demo is for u :teddy: :teddy:

    1. ya parita i wanted to try some very unique colors :)) And thanks for the info! The SA told me abt the new franchise store so i thought mumbai din have one

  2. Thanks a lot deepa… Ill take u to kryolan and u get all the pencils :toothygrin: Me too waiting to meet u :pompom: :pompom:

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