L.A. Girl Very Black Gel Liner Kit Review, Swatch, FOTD

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We all need gel eyeliners to create dramatic eye makeup looks. Since I love to create long winged eyeliner styles, I thought of trying out this new eyeliner by L.A. Girl. This one is in the shade ‘Very Black’. Let’s get started with the review.


Price: INR 575 for 3g
Product Description:
This gel liner has a rich and creamy water-resistant formula that glides on smooth without smearing or smudging for long lasting, all day wear. Professional fine eyeliner brush expertly defines eyes to create that ideal smokey or dramatic look effortlessly.
How to Use:
Dip the ultra fine eyeliner brush into gel formula, coating both sides of the brush tip. Wipe off excess on tissue before applying to eye. Line lash line with gel, working quickly as the product comes transfer-resistant once dry.



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My Experience with L.A. Girl Very Black Gel Liner Kit:

L.A. Girl packaged this liner kit in a beautiful black paper box with some information. This box looks quite attractive. The actual liner comes in a small glass jar with a black cap. The cap is tight and travel-friendly. Just like all other gel liners, this one also comes with a nice small brush that has a wooden handle. The bristles of this brush are nice and provide smooth strokes easily. Overall, I like this packaging.


L.A. Girl offers three shades in this eyeliner range and I picked up the Very Black variant. It is the deepest black liner I have in my collection. It looks very bold and dark on my eyes. I love this jet black shade. It doesn’t have any shimmers in it. Also, it is a well pigmented shade that requires only a single stroke for the true colour to show up.


It has a super smooth and creamy texture that glides smoothly on the eyes without tugging or pulling. I need a good amount of liner on the brush and a single stroke can provide a nice, smooth and even line. I love the formula of this eyeliner as it is easy to work with. It is neither too creamy nor too dry. This perfect formula makes it a nice eyeliner to own. The application doesn’t look patchy or dry at all.


I can draw whichever style of eyeliner I like-thin, thick or winged-with this liner. Also, layering doesn’t make it feel or look heavy on the eyes. A little effort is required on the waterline, though. I have Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner and it works amazingly on the waterline but this one requires more swipes for an even look. Otherwise, it works well on both lash lines.


The formula is waterproof and decently smudge-proof as well. Now I used the word decently because it smudges if I rub my eyes. So it is not 100% smudgeproof gel, yet it doesn’t smudge on it own.
The corners of my eyes are quite watery, so the area tends to look messy at the end of the day. Otherwise, the eyeliner looks very beautiful if I don’t touch my eyes. Also, it doesn’t transfer. It has a very attractive velvety finish, which I like the most about this eyeliner.


Overall, the liner stays nicely for around 8 hours but gets a little messy on the corners. It is not super long lasting like the Maybelline and L’Oreal gel liners. I somewhere feel that the quality of this liner is a little low. It can be worn as a kajal on a daily basis and it creates a great base for smokey eyes. Removing this liner is quite easy as you just need an oil-based remover.


I like this super black liner but it is not the best one in the market. In the EOTD and FOTD, I created a reverse winged eyeliner look and I could easily create it with this eyeliner.



Pros of L.A. Girl Very Black Gel Liner Kit:

• Pretty, travel-friendly packaging.
• Comes with a nice brush.
• The brush works smoothly on the eyes.
• Super bold jet black shade.
• Well pigmented.
• Soft, creamy texture.
• Glides smoothly without tugging.
• Spreads evenly.
• Various eyeliner looks can be created with it.
• Works well on both lash lines.
• Feels comfortable on the eyes.
• Does not look patchy or dry.
• Can create a nice base for smokey eyes.
• Waterproof and doesn’t smudge a lot.
• Good staying power.

Cons of L.A. Girl Very Black Gel Liner Kit:

• Not a 100% smudge proof formula.
• Can smudge with rubbing.
• Not as long lasting as other gel liners.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend L.A. Girl Very Black Gel Liner Kit?
No because I prefer smudge-proof liners. You can give it a try if you’re okay with its non-smudgeproof formula.

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