Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals Red Rover

Brand Claims:

  • A premium quality luxurious lip color which hydrates, nourishes & protects lips for hours with symphytum officinale and plantage oyata seed botanical extracts. 100% vegetarian: no animal ingredients.
  • Botanical, moisturizing and nourishing extracts.
  • Intensive color. Dazzling shine.

Red Rover


Rs. 295 for 4.2 grams.

Red Rover

About the Shade “Red Rover:”

“Red Rover” is bright red in color with orange undertones and golden shimmers. It is not the dark, deep kind of red. It’s a very pretty color. The shimmers in it give a golden-orange glaze to the lipstick upon reflecting light. The shimmers are not grainy or chunky and can be seen only on close inspection. It gives a pearl like finish to the lips.

Red Rover


Texture of the lipstick is ultra smooth. It glides like butter on the lips. It goes on sheer in one swipe. However, since the colour is so bright, it still manages to cover lip pigmentation with a single swipe. The color and intensity can be built up easily with 2 to 3 swipes. It is lightweight and does not look cakey. It is not overly creamy or thick. The lipstick feels moisturizing initially, but after a few hours, I could see some dry flakes on my lips. So, it is better to apply a lip balm first. The staying power was not that great. It starts fading from the middle of the lips and leaves a red tint behind. On me, it stayed for around 3 hours.

Red Rover

You can reduce the intensity of the red color by blotting it with a tissue and then applying a gloss. When the lipstick fades, the shimmer particles can been seen stuck to my lips. It was not over the top, but still I did not like it. The lipstick did not bleed or settle into fine lines. It has a faint smell which fades away as soon as you apply the lipstick.

Red Rover

Pros of Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

  • Texture is smooth and applies lightweight on the lips.
  • Does not look cakey even if applied 2 to 3 coats.
  • Covers lip pigmentation in a single swipe.
  • Leaves a red tint on fading.
  • Does not bleed or settle into fine lines.
  • Lotus claims it is 97% natural, though no complete ingredient list is given.



Cons of Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

  • Need a lip balm since it tends to flake around dry skin.
  • Starts fading soon and does not stay for more than 3 hours.
  • Leaves a very faint coat of golden shimmers once the lipstick fades.
  • No see-through portion on the pack to see the color without opening.



IMBB Rating:


Final Word on Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

Red rover is a bright and beautiful red shade. I liked the fact that it is lightweight and yet covers the lip pigmentation. However, I was not happy with the staying power and the golden glaze it leaves behind after fading. If you love wearing such bright shades, you will definitely like this one for sure.

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40 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Ultra Moisturizing Lip Color Moistpetals : Red Rover

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yeah, even i found the scent odd. But luckily it goes away as soon as you apply it na..

  1. Nice shade. However, a light moisture enriched lip balm is must for any lipstick, I feel even if the lippy claims to provide moisture.
    Silly me, but somehow I feel that lip balms prevent the lipstick pigment from getting into your lips. 😛 kind of protective film between lips and lipstick. I know this is really silly of me…

      1. Yes Ashu.. Unless the lipstick is a luxury brand and has extremely good quality, it can make your lips dry after some time. Even i have the same problem. If i apply lip balm, the color intensity reduces and lipstick keeps slipping around. I am sure I am applying too much, that’s why 😛 Now, i use a lip gloss first and then put a lipstick. That way, the stickiness of the gloss holds on to the lipstick and does not make it fade so easily. You too should try this one, okay 🙂

  2. Nice Review Jismi.Nice Pix as well…And I agree that a lip balm is needed..I had a chocolate brown shade of this same range..Don’t remember the exact shade name.

  3. I hate lipsticks with which lip balm is needed coz most times I forget to carry lip balm in my bag & i have to go around the whole day with dry flaky lips 🙁

    1. Hehe 🙂 Yeah, that is true. But this one is not extremely drying also. You should always have a pair of lip balms. Keep one always in the bag and never keep it outside. I do like that now 🙂

  4. Jismi, you have good lippy collection 🙂 as usual pics are awesome 🙂
    i dont have a red lippy, since i can not carry it well 😥

    1. Hehe..Thank you Shami.. My lipstick addiction started after i started reading IMBB. Now its almost like I am doing research on them 😛 Even I don’t have many red ones. Most of them are natural shades. You should try red..It brightens up the face. First go for a red gloss then 🙂

  5. The colour looks really nice on you..
    I bought 3 lotus lipsticks once(they were on offer)
    and not even one worked for me 🙁

    1. Oh. that is sad 🙁 maybe you should try mixing the shades. Or apply a lip gloss before or after the lipstick. Or use a lip liner to change the colors. This might help and you might be able to use them..try it out once 🙂

    1. Hehe…Yeah..phases 🙂 I have a feeling that next is going to be a lip gloss phase..
      Thank youuuu 🙂

  6. Nice review, Jismi. Which reminds me, i haven’t worn red lipsticks in ages. Gotta reach for a red lippie today itself. 🙂

  7. it’s a gorgeous red but personally i prefer more cool toned reds for myself. :)) Look fab on you and great lip swatches. 🙂

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