Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Color Pencil Review

Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Color Pencil (long name!) is a cute lip color pencil which is retailed for around $4. It is not a lip liner pencil but rather the jumbo lip pencil kinds. The lip pencil barrel is the color of the shade selected along with a silver cap. Each lip pencil is about 3 inches in length. Its the lip pencil version of the Metallics shine lipsticks.

Maybelline claims this product will give you “gleamy creamy long-lasting color.” It has been dermatologist tested.

maybelline forever metallics lip color pencil

I got a couple of these for my young cousins since they were of the age to try lip color but lipsticks might seem too old for them (mostly to their parents). So I gifted them these pencils that seem appropriate for their age(16 years).

Of course these lip pencils can be used by any age. They go on creamy and give a beautiful metallic shine which is not over the top. It seemed like a lipstick that goes on like a lipstick + gloss combination on lips. It was very rich and creamy just as they claimed and was very easy to apply.

maybelline lip color pencil

maybelline forever metallics

I chose the Sleek Scarlet shade which is a red cherry like color with a metallic shine. It was very true to the color of the pencil. The photograph shows it warmer than it is. Glides on smooth and easy.

The next shade Blush beam is a pretty warm pink with a metallic shine. It was very true to the color of the pencil again. Glides on smooth and easy.

Without flash:
maybelline metal shine lip color pencil

With flash:

maybelline forever metallics metal shine

To sum it up-

PROs of Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Color Pencil

-Not drying at all.
-Feels moisturizing for an hour after application.
-Color lasts for average time, but much longer than a lipstick.
-Size handy for purse, desk, pocket.

CONs of Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Color Pencil

-Not too many shades to choose from.
-Needs a big sized sharpener.
-Cap, at times, dents the point when you try to put it on.


I think these are cute little handy pencils especially to keep at work when you decide to go on
a night out from work. These have the right amount of shine and color. I have the Nyx jumbo pencils and these are almost the exact copy in terms of quality and color payback.

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56 thoughts on “Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Color Pencil Review

  1. wow! they seem like good products ๐Ÿ™‚ and very pretty shades ๐Ÿ™‚
    but are they available in India? *fingers crossed*
    Please put a smiley for fingers crossed na Rati and Sanjeev!

  2. Nikki I like such chubby sticks. Even clinique has launched its chubby sticks. Not available in India as of now but i am looking forward to them. :)) The shade scarlett is pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. sry ya the above comment was not meant for you….
    thnx for the short review and i liked the blush beam..m making a makeup list that m gonna get from kolkata and this 1 is definitely goin in my list..thnxx
    :yes: :yahoo: :toothygrin:

  4. Looks like an interesting product. :)) I like the light color of Blush Beam. :)) Too bad though because these don’t seem to be available here where I live…

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