10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making while Washing Makeup Brushes

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The first and foremost mistake anyone can make with their makeup brushes is not cleaning them. If you apply makeup regularly then it is quite important to keep your makeup brushes clean and tidy to increase their life and keep your skin healthy. So, here are ten mistakes that you could be making while washing your brushes. These mistakes affect the quality of your brushes and end up ruining your skin too.

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Not washing them frequently

tutorial how to wash makeup brush

Not cleaning your makeup brushes leads to product build-up and bacterial contamination. Your makeup brushes must be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure the prevention of bacterial spread. Dirty brushes can mess up with your skin, and it is not something you can underestimate.

Not using a proper brush cleanser

You don’t need to invest in some expensive brush cleanser, but this doesn’t mean you can wash your brushes with just water. You can opt for a gentle soap or invest in an affordable cleanser. It will remove the product build-up quite easily without any effort. For makeup brushes with natural bristles, you can opt of oil cleansers.

Not washing them thoroughly

Woman must cleaning makeup brushes is important, swirl the brush in your palm

The process of cleaning makeup brushes is a little time consuming and needs patience. In order to remove product build-up, you must wash your brushes thoroughly to ensure that each bristle gets squeaky clean. For a proper brush cleaning tutorial, check out THIS post.

Only spraying over the brushes

Using only spray cleansers does not help in the thorough cleansing of your brushes. Keep in mind that spray cleansers are good when it comes to switching between different products.So make sure you wash your brushes with water and shampoo too.

The wrong temperature

Cleanup of make-up case for professional brushes

Washing your makeup brushes with cold or hot water harms their bristles. While cleaning your makeup brushes, use lukewarm water to prevent the bristles from getting affected and this will also ensure proper cleaning.

Being too harsh

Never put unnecessary pressure on the bristles of your makeup brushes. In order to remove product build-up, do not keep stamping them over a surface. Too much pressure can affect the shape and quality badly. While washing your brushes, always keep them upside down and gently use your fingers to remove the build-up.

Soaking all the brushes together

close up of wet brushes

Clean your brushes one by one. If you put your all makeup brushes together they will get dirtier and increase the time of cleansing. Try washing each brush separately as it is the more efficient method.

Not rinsing the brushes properly

While washing your brushes, you must have enough time and patience to clean them properly. Rinse your makeup brushes properly to ensure no makeup product or cleanser is left.

Wringing your brushes

These bristles are super soft and gentle. If you wring them, they will lose their softness, shape and quality. Just gently squeeze out excess water and let your brushes dry naturally.

Not drying the brushes correctly

makeup brushes before and after

The drying process is quite important in order to keep the shape of your makeup brushes intact. First of all, let your brushes dry on their own. Second, never use a blow dryer as it can burn the bristles easily. Put all the brushes on a towel and leave them for a few hours for best results.

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