How To Use Night Creams

A gentle massage on the face with your favorite night cream before bedtime is a perfect way to end your day’s beauty regimen, but why should you use a night cream at all and what are the things you should bear in mind while picking a night cream for yourself? In this article, you would get an answer to each of your question. Keep reading!

How To Use Night Creams

Why Night Creams?

Your skin has to put up with so much of stress and pollution throughout the day. Hence, it needs to be repaired and rejuvenated at the end of the day. Moreover, skin starts to lose its elasticity with the passage of time and in order to retain the firmness, you need to treat your skin in a special way. This is where the significance of a night cream comes into play. Night creams work when you sleep and over time, they nourish, replenish and clarifies your skin. Actually, the skin’s power of absorption increases at night when one sleeps. Therefore, a night cream should be a part of every woman’s routine in order to smoothen out wrinkles and make skin look healthy.

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Night Cream Benefits:

  • Night creams have ingredients like collagen, vitamins and amino acids that help in stimulating cell growth.
  • Whether you have a dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, a night cream is there to suit your skin type perfectly and get absorbed without a problem; the result is your skin feels hydrated and soft and not your pillows!!
  • Daily usage helps to combat uneven complexion and wrinkled skin.
  • The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing can be postponed if the right kind of night cream is used and proper skincare regimen is made to complement it. Night creams have special nutrients that aid in fighting free radicals.

How To Choose Night Creams?

There are hundreds of night creams available in the market. A few factors that should affect your choice of night creams are:
1. Your age.
2. The needs of your skin.
3. The price (in general, night creams are found to be more costly than the range of day creams).
4. The list of ingredients.
5. Your skin type.

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Here are a few tips that would help you invest in the right kind of night cream:

  • If you have oily skin, opt for a night cream that is oil free. You may also check out if it contains alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxyl acids. Look for non-comedogenic formula in your night cream.
  • If your skin is dry, look for a night cream that offers you a heavy cream base, meant especially for your skin type.
  • At the age of twenty, your night creams should contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey and essential oils.
  • Look for night creams with active ingredients like collagen, amino acids, ceramides and retinol, rich in anti-oxidants, when you are in your thirties.
  • When you are in your forties, you should invest in a night cream that has contents like peptides, retinol, lipids panthenol, collagen, essential oils, ceremides, soy extract and vitamins. It should be able to fight puffiness, wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • In your fifties and sixties, it is important that you get hold of extra-rich night creams which are tailor made for old and matured skin.

How To Use Night Creams?

Here is a step-wise guide to the use of night creams:

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, suited to your skin type. Pat your face dry.
  • Apply night cream in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers. Avoid the area around your eyes.
  • Never forget applying the cream in your neck.
  • Ideally, you should apply a night cream 30 minutes before you go to bed.
  • Lastly, you should be religious in applying night cream regularly.

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65 thoughts on “How To Use Night Creams

    1. thank u sweta!!! im using the Oriflame Pure Nature Acai and Pomegranate night cream! it smells yum 🙂

  1. awesome Somreeta… Thanks for such an informative article.. I get so lazy while hitting the bed that I seldom apply night cream… I shall make it a point not to skip this now…. 🙂

    1. welcome Dipti! LOL 😀 we r all lazy people bt these days, after a lot of habit-making, i never forget brushing my teeth and applying night cream b4 going to bed!! 🙂

  2. Nice Post Somreeta.. 🙂
    Watever be the time or however tired I am,I always wash and use night cream before i hit bed..makes me feel nice.. 🙂

  3. Nice Post Somreeta.
    Watever be the time or however tired I am,I always wash and use night cream before i hit bed..makes me feel nice.. 🙂

    1. hi Sakhi…though moisturizer is good and its absolutely ok for daytime, i think its better to go for a nice night cream at bedtime 🙂 🙂

      1. As Sakhi mention even im using ponds cold cream for night .. Have got impressed with the review of ponds age miracle over night repair night cream im in hunt for thet cream but i find only day cream all over… Am now 21 age plz suggest me any gud night cream or can i use ponds age miracle at this age..

  4. useful write-up….I have been using the lotus nutranite night cream for a while now, and loving it….but I’ve bought the TBS tea tree night lotion now….curious to see how it works for my oily skin…

      1. hiii Somreeta nice post…. could you suggest some night cream for me I am 21 and have oily acne prone skin… would be my first night cream.. plz sugest..

  5. hiii Somreeta nice post…. could you suggest some night cream for me I am 21 and have oily acne prone skin… your post really inspired me to use a night cream but I don’t know what kind of cream would suit my skin….would be my first night cream.. plz suggest…

    1. hey….i am 25 and i too have oily acne prone skin. the Oriflame Pure Nature Acai and Pomegranate night cream suits me perfectly 🙂 u could give it a try may be!

  6. Good morning every one!Very informative post Somreeta!!I also like the oriflame range a lot!!I use the nutricalm one and they are really good!!

  7. excellent post as always Somreeta. Night creams are indeed a must for everyone. I use the Neutrogena light night cream and its working well. The Lotus Nutranite cream is also excellent for mature combination skin.

    1. aww…thank u Aruna 🙂 i was thinking abt the Neutrogena range fr a few days as their sunscreen suits me like wow! i toh have oily skin….

  8. Very great post and have Been waiting for a answer for this question long time…. I want to know the answer for the importance is night cream som…. It was a great article … Best wishes … Can we use almond oil instead of any night cream I have really dry skin like rati …. I am following her routines which is really helpful …. Thanks som…

    1. hi lakshmi,
      i would like to suggest that if your skin is dry and you dont mind a few bucks. you can add a serum along with night cream. that will not only give extra moisture but also additional benefits. serums are a bit expensive but the results are totally worth the price. i dont know about almond oil but you can surely use olive oil on face. people with extra dry skins do apply olive oil overnight. but my personal view: apply it for 2hrs or so before bed and then wash off and apply night cream before bed. in winters when my skin is dry and moisturisers are not enough i apply olive oil on my face for an hour or so.

      1. dats great to know Lakshmi 🙂 my personal view matches a lot with cosmetic junkie! olive oil and also almond oil is great for dry skin. bt i think its better to wash it off b4 bedtime and apply an extra moisturizing night cream!

  9. I am 27 years old with a combination skin ( but the t-zone area is so oily that sometimes it makes me think that I can easily make potato fry upon it). In spite of that, during winter the area surrounding the mouth gets dry. Can you please suggest which night cream would be perfect for me without much pinching my pocket? Let me also know if I should use different night cream during winter.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. ummm…..quite problematic!!! for the around ur mouth part, drink loads f water and apply petroleum jelly on the dry patches b4 bedtime. and the nightcream…well, Aruna says Lotus Nutranite cream is also excellent for mature combination skin….i dont have much idea abt combination skin night creams 🙁

  10. Wow!! just 2 days back I was thinking which night cream would be suitable for me? I have dry skin, with oily t-zone and acne prone skin. whenever I use any cream, there are these tiny volcanoes ready the next morning. Currently, I apply FabIndia sweet almond oil (gentle massage) and cetaphil gentle moisturiser both day and night. For daytime I also use Lotus SPF50 sunscreen…
    I am still not sure which night cream would be good.
    Currently, I am on a mission to eliminate all the acne on my face. Next it will be getting rid of blemishes. I dont want a cream which will add to my acne difficulties.

    1. Hi Ashu I infact had the same problem as yours whenever I tried a night cream I would get tiny eruptions 🙁 but then a savior came for me in the form of Aloe Veda’s aloe gel and in 2 months time the problem seems to have reduced a lot .Infact the last 2 times during my chums when I would generally get big pimples on my face they dint appear :O 🙂 😀
      Also I came across a magical homeopathic medicine that actually helped. And I just started trying night cremes my fav one being Pond’s cold cream its been more than a week and my face has changed from acne prone to acne proof.Else before it wouldn’t even take a day for pimples to appear on my face
      I wish to do a review on both the aloe gel and homeopathic medicine as I am sure like you and me there are so many girls who face these probs and just cant use night cremes.

      1. i realy hav no idea abt combination skin types products 🙁 im sure Tutul’s idea would be f help to u Ashu 🙂
        thanx Tutul 😀

  11. very very good article somreeta. Totally going to take all points in consideration. 🙂

    going through all the articles that I missed reading yesterday. 🙂

  12. Thanks allot Somreeta, you made me realise the importance of NIGHT CREAM, as I had this misconception that night creams are only for 30’s, but as I am in my mid-20’s, I think I should also go for it, but my problem is that i had acne-prone skin now its acne-free but my T-zone is OILED.. 😀 and its gets very dry around mouth and cheeks in winters, None of the cream worked for me but only Aroma Magic, and I use only its products, so can I use its night cream?? Could you please suggest, is it good enough?? 🙂

    1. I think u r too young to use night cream and it also depends on ur workstyle. for some CTM routine is enuf and some need repair due to pollution and harsh weather, if u feel the need of using night cream go for moisturizing creme which is meant for repairing and imparting glow and dont choose anti aging variant. hope this help 🙂

  13. hi.. i am using lakme night cream at night and my skin type is dry and i am having pores clearly visible and i get small pimples if i exposed to sun even for very less time..
    And i get pimples easily if i apply cream over my face..
    Any suggestions please..

    Thanks in advance

  14. I have que ..
    I m 21 year old nd I never use nyt cream nd also have normal skim plzzzzzzz suggest me for best nyt cream plzzzzzzz..

  15. Hi All,

    I have bought lakme perfect radiance intense whitening as a night cream because am losing my fairness as I am staying in hot and humid city Chennai. So I tot to bring back my glow by choosing the mentioned night cream specifically for skin whitening. Suggest me if its worth applying or prefer some other night cream .


  16. H I’m @nikita can u to list out the name of the night creams so that we can just go and buy coz as its very hard to choose the particular night creams based on the criteria given in the article thanks to our busy and tight schedules

  17. Hi…I m Rumeli. I m 29 and want to use a night cream. But I am confused on which product to use. I have normal skin.I suffered from acne last December 2014.But after that till now I did not get any. I have freckles also.I have fair complexion too.Can you please suggest me a good night cream which will suit me??

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