Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying monsoons! We are also experiencing slightly cloudy days, but yet to experience rain in full swing. I am loving the ambience with lots of colorful flowers and chirpy birds who are my daughter’s best friends! It really amazes me to see how our little ones keenly observe and realize the essence of caring & sharing which even grownups fail to understand! I often hear Aadya asking her daddy to mimic those chirping sounds because she wants to talk in their language.

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She had been keeping grains and water for her friends every day, but none of the birds would come. But she never stopped doing it and then she succeeded! And, one fine day she was making tweeting sounds telling me that, “Momma, see I can speak to birds now, they will come.” And yes, they came and left me amazed! I hope she will soon reveal that love and care have no language and I wish this innocence nurtures and grows up with her forever! Anyway, I am also here to talk about our very known and liked brand, Nivea. Recently, I came across this Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion and I had to get it out of curiosity. So, let’s read on more about it today!

Product Description:
Original Moisture body lotion is enriched with natural conditioners; its unique formula provides a protective barrier against moisture loss to help skin maintain its natural moisture balance.

Boosts skin’s moisture level
Maximizes moisture retention
Leaves skin soft and supple

$8-$10 for 16.9 fl oz (500 ml), price varies across stores

My Experience with Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion:

The lotion comes in opaque and sturdy plastic bottle packaging with a pump dispenser. It does have lock & open mechanism to avoid accidental leakage which makes it child proof as well. I do have a  love-hate relationship with the smell, though it is unbearable for my senses somehow. Considering the bulky packaging, I don’t find it convenient for travelling.

The lotion seems semi-watery, white lotion which easily gets absorbed into the skin with gentle massage strokes and this is what I need for summers! I love how it immediately gets sinked into my skin leaving no greasy or oily residue behind other than an artificial smell which lingers on for few minutes. I did find it perfect for everyday usage especially for sweaty, scorching summers when we need to boost up hydration level of skin without getting extra dose of oil or grease. And yes, it does give me a flush of moisture right after tiring swimming or workout without making my skin look dehydrated or wilted under sun light.

Moreover, I do suffer sweating from hands, but thankfully this body lotion has not accentuated or triggered my concerns so far. I have replaced this lotion with my current hand creams considering rich and intense texture of hand creams which make me feel uncomfortable in summers and it certainly helps to achieve soft and supple hands apart from serving other concerns really well. However, I have doubts if it could serve my weird skin in winters which shows signs of dehydration and dryness even before the onset of winters!

I also feel it might be way mild for dry skin beauties in winters and they might have to limit its usage to summers only while oily/combo and normal skin beauties would like to enjoy it all year round. I did notice that it is not ideal for dry, flaky skin since it takes time (unlimited time) to completely heal dry, cracked skin. Overall, I find it really good and perfect for my weird oily sensitive skin for summers while I might switch to my intense rich hand creams and other lotions in winters. It does contain parabens, plus its artificial smell is slightly a turn off for me, hence I might not get it again.

Let’s sum up pros and cons

Pros of Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion:

• A lightweight moisturizing body lotion for every skin type all year round
• It immediately sinks into skin with no greasy oily residue
• It keeps my body well hydrated for good 5+ hours in current summers
• It did not cause or accentuate any abnormal sweating from my hands
• It has replaced my creamy hand lotions completely
• It does not cause any irritation or breakouts
• A perfect lotion for every age group and skin type particularly for oily, combination type
• Quite hygienic and convenient packaging

Cons of Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion:

• Dry skinned beauties might find it tricky on their skin
• It contains parabens
• Its strong synthetic smell is a slight turn off for me
• It does not treat any dryness, just maintains soft and supple skin

Well, I found it good for summers and it might be over expecting if we use it on extremely dry skin or to cure some skin problems. I was more influenced by its packaging and claims plus for summers I need exactly a mild lotion and it serves my purpose well. Hence, it might be an ideal choice for summers. But, the formulation and smell are still my bigger concerns and hence I’ll have to think twice before getting it again. Skip it if its fragrance and paraben content bother you.

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10 thoughts on “Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion Review

  1. Your daughter seems such a sweetie, would love to meet you both.This lotion isn’t apt for me as I always demand extra moisturising lotions that can keep my hydrated for long, even in summers. But I love Nivea anyway. 🙂

  2. Awwww, Aadya sounds like such a darling! Wish I could meet her! 🙂 My mum does that hehe, she used to chirp and do all birdie sounds everyday for them to drink water and eat the food she has put. 😀 But nowadays, the birds come by themselves, no need to call and they come exactly in time for breakfast (9AM) and lunch (1PM) with clockwork precision!
    Nivea products don’t offer enough hydration for my parched skin. I suffer from eczema and the occasional rosacea (none on face, thank God!) and the Nivea products, except the lip balms tend to aggravate it 🙁 I’m trying to switch to chemical free, natural and organic skincare, hopefully that works out!

    Ooooops, very long comment!!

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