Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand and Nail Cream Review

Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand and Nail Cream Review

I am in love with the concept of application of hand creams. It makes the hands so soft and adorable whenever your hands feel dry and rough and if you can apply it before going to bed, what an amazing feeling it is to get up with baby soft hands in the morning! It was thus, when I was in my quest of hand creams, that I happened to come across the Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand and Nail Cream. This is the product which I am going to review now.

Oriflame Tulip hand cream

Product Code:



INR 149 for a 50 ml tube. (However, I got it at a cheap rate of INR99 from the Oriflame consultant who had this product in stock! This hand and nail cream used to be priced at INR 129 previously).

Ingredient List:

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The following list of ingredients is clearly printed on the body of the tube as well as indicated in the website:


What Does The Oriflame Website Claim About This Product?

According to the website, it is an ‘intensely nourishing Hand and Nail Cream with the alluring scent of tulip blossoms.’ It is ‘enriched with Vitamin E.’


Usage (as mentioned on the tube):

Use daily for soft smooth hands and to help protect and strengthen nails.

My Experiences With Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand And Nail Cream:

I love the smell of this cream; indeed the smell is ‘alluring’ as it has rightly been described in the website. The way it takes care of the dryness experienced by my hands deserves a mention. Though my body skin type is normal, it tends to become dry after using soap. Application of the cream makes my hands supple instantly. Generally, I use it everyday at night before I retire to bed and in the morning, I get up with soft and smooth hands.


What I Like About Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand and Nail Cream (Pros):

• This white cream is very thick in consistency and spreads conveniently over the skin.
• It is very effective in keeping hands moisturized and soft.
• It is affordably priced.
• Only a little amount of this cream is required to cater to your needs. Thus, it is cost effective.
• The cream is absorbed in no time and thus, hands do not feel greasy after application.
• The smell is pleasant and it lingers beautifully.
• It comes in a white tube with a pink cap. It looks pretty sweet and ‘girlie’ that way. It is very handy as well. Thus, the packaging is good and it can be carried conveniently along while travelling.
• Since it comes in a tube, it is hygienic and one does not face any problem sharing it with one’s best friend.
• It is a unique combination of a hand and a nail cream.

What I Do Not Like About Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand And Nail Cream (Cons):

There is little I can say about the cons of this particular product. The only problem associated with it is that it is not readily obtainable. I have hardly come across this product in any of the Oriflame catalogues. Thus availability can be a big problem.

Would I Recommend This Product or Repurchase It?

If I am lucky enough to lay my hands on Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand And Nail Cream, or in other words, if I find that it is available, I am surely going to buy it again.

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15 thoughts on “Oriflame Tulip Scented Hand and Nail Cream Review

  1. i usually dont use seperate hand creams but i guess i should not undermine the use of seperate handcreams, will be on a look out for this one. Btw, nice review somreeta :))

  2. Good review… But i dont find any catalogues 😉 of oriflame in Trivandrum. Although inside our TP campus there is a cosmetic shop where some of the oriflame products are available..

    1. :thanks: Visakhi! no Oriflame representatives there? …coz Oriflame products can be got only via consultants….not in cosmetic shop! ask in the cosmetic shop and im sure someone there is a consultant!

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