Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review

By Priya Bansal

Hello friends!

Hope you all doing good. Well, today I am going to review a makeup foundation with SPF. We all use foundations and are very fond of it. But, the most important factor to note before buying a foundation is that it needs to match with your skin tone. And, my foundation does it well. Also, it is able to perform the task well, blends well and manages uneven skin tone.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review3

Product Description:
Light-weight liquid foundation that provides a natural, uniform complexion

• Foundation provides medium coverage
• Long-lasting
• Oil free formula won’t block pores
• Contains SPF 15 which protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review2

$11.99 or INR 700 approx

35 ml – 1.2 fl. oz.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review6

This foundation is available in 30 shades. I have wheatish-fair complexion, so I bought Praline shade that goes well with my skin tone.

My Experience with Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation:

I am not an experienced makeup user. Hence, my friend introduced this foundation to me for my uneven skin tone. I bought the shade, Praline, and it goes well with my skin tone. This foundation allows medium to full coverage on my skin. I take some amount on my hand and apply dots of it on my whole face. It blends well without causing much pain. Least effort is required to rub it against my face. I have normal to oily skin type, and hence, it gets absorbed well in my skin.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review

Unlike other foundations, it is sweat proof, and thereby prevents makeup meltdown. Also, my uneven skin tone is easily manageable now. All my uneven, underlying spots and marks are covered with it, giving me a cleaner look. Moreover, it has taken away my tension to apply skin protectant sunscreen lotion before I have to step out. Yes, as it comes with SPF 15, my headache to apply sunscreen is eliminated. It lasts long, I have experienced this in many of my late night parties. It stays for hours without causing any lines and/or crease on my skin. The only factor that annoys me is the smell, it is too strong.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review1

The foundation comes inside a transparent glass bottle with a plastic cap. The foundation can be used with the help of a squeezer which releases only the required amount at the time. According to the need, one can squeeze the bottle to extract the foundation. Also, the packaging is travel friendly. It leaves no risk of leakage, as the bottle encloses a tight cap. It is lightweight and easy to carry in purse, bag or makeup kit. I appreciate that this packaging does not allow my foundation to get wasted.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review4

The foundation itself also is very lightweight. This comes in liquid state and is very soft. This foundation is very thick and contains silicone base, hence allows minimum usage. Also, I do not feel that I have applied heavy layers of makeup after using this foundation. The best thing is that it is oil free and non-greasy.

Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation Review5

Pros of Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation:

• One of the best foundation packagings – very easy to carry and has no scope of leakage and wastage
• Lightweight and soft liquid foundation
• Does not clog pores
• Oil free – does not induce sweat
• Long lasting quality
• Medium to full coverage
• Worth, not much costly
• SPF 15, hence protects against sun tan and from harmful sun rays
• Blends and merges easily with the skin
• Leaves a natural look

Cons of Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation:

• Difficult to find, not easily available
• I do not like its smell; it is strong and little irritating

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Sleek Makeup New Skin Revive Foundation?
Yes, all women should give it a try if searching for a pocket friendly and good quality foundation.

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