Smokey Eyes with Graduating Colors Eye Makeup Tutorial

We all have some eye shadows which are shimmery and others which are matte in our kitty, don’t we? More often than not, all we do with those is just dab the shimmery ones all over the lid and then tone it down by blending it with the matte ones. Today. we shall try a look which will use both shimmery and matte eyeshadows in a way where you can differentiate the “graduation” of colors from matte to shimmery and finally smokey. I was always apprehensive about “ruining” my perfect black eyeliner wing by trying to smudge it, but today I got a bit more daring and did that too. Hope you all like the look.

Smokey eyes

Have a look at the products used first:


Eye Makeup STuff

1. Garnier BB cream
2. VOV eye brow powder set ( both for filling the brows and for the matte brown eye shadow that we would eventually need)
3. VOV make up kit
4. Elle 18 kajal
5. VOV brown eye pencil.
6. VOV black eye pencil
7. Qianyu eye shadow trio
8. Faces travel makeup brush set ( for the smudger).
9. Streetwear eyeliner in black.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Prime the eyes and blend it properly.

Step 2:

Fill in your eye brows and groom them properly. I have really thin eyebrows and so this step is essential for me.


Step 3:

Use a creamy black eye pencil to draw a triangle at the outer end of the upper eye lid.

Step 4:

Fill the triangle with the eye pencil.

Step 5:

Use a smudger to smudge the triangle inwards.

Step 6:

Take a matte brown or dark grey eye pencil and draw a thick line on the lower lash line, extending only till half of the line.


Step 7:

Take some brown eye shadow on the smudger and apply over the already smudged triangle.

Step 8:

Use the same smudger to apply brown eyeshadow over the brown eye pencil line.

Step 9:

Use the matte brown eyeshadow to define the crease.


Step 10:

Next, take your shimmery eyeshdow (copper in this case) and draw a diagonal line adjacent to the smudged black triangle. Use a dabbing motion.

Step 11:

On a flat brush, take your favourite matte eye shadow ( orange here) and apply on remaining portion of the lid. Remember, if you are using a shimmery green in the last step, this step should have a matte green.

Step 12:

Use your favourite highlighter under your brow bone( golden here).

Step 13:

Extend the highlighter to the innermost corner of the eyes.

Step 14:


This is an important step! Use your ring finger to blend the highlighter and the crease color. The warmth of the finger blends eye shadows like a dream. So girls, secret to my perfect blending is out! 😉

Step 15:

Draw a black eyeliner wing at the end of the upper eye lid. Have a look at the picture for reference.

Step 16:

Almost immediately, before the liner dries up, smudge it inwards and with an out-in, out-in movement use the smudger to add some definition to the upper lash line.

Step 17:


Use kajal, add mascara and you are done! It’s a lengthy one I know, but its worth it, don’t you think?


Pair these seductive eye look with a MLBB shade and some gloss, peachy blush and do let your hair loose! Flaunt it and be a heart winner 😉 next tutorial coming up! Till then, take care!

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    1. thanks nats <3 😀 make up artist toh main hu apne frnds ke liye 😛 unfortunately, sab kuch free mein karna parta hain :-/

  1. Beautiful is the word! This is one of my fav EOTDs from you I think 🙂
    Why didn’t u show a pic of ur pretty face here?

    1. awwww, thanks a lot aarbee :* :* coz i had done this on only one eye 😛 was feeling too lazy 😉 will try out this look in a relative’s wedding and share pics then 🙂

  2. heyy appy.. 🙂 i dont think i can ever do these eye makeup on my own.. but you do it fab darling.. n your eyes.. mashallah… 🙂 🙂

  3. loved it Appy.. this one is my goto random shadi …eye makeup.. love it .. ur eyes are looking suppppppppppppppppperr pretty 🙂

  4. loved it Appy.. this one is my goto shadi or diwali …eye makeup..u have recreated it beautifuly…. loved it .. ur eyes are looking suppppppppppppppppperr pretty .. want to see more 🙂

  5. Aparajita… dis one’s awesome… i know u r used to dis, but I’d like to repeat.. “ur eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen” 🙂 this eye makeup is so very detailed and wearable…. thanks.. will try this for sure.. waiting for your next EOTD…

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