The Diet and Fitness Tips Jennifer Lopez Swears by

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By Priyanka Dixit

Hola beauties,
We all are always very much excited about celebrities, their lifestyle, fitness mantras, and how they manage to look on point all the time. So today, I am going to reveal the fitness secrets of Hollywood sensation, Jennifer Lopez. This stunning woman is a singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer and a successful business woman; last but not the least, she is a fitness icon too. Only a few people know that she is better known as “la guitarra’’ at her gym, owing to her guitar-like curvy body. She has also been declared one of the sexiest women alive by various magazines. So, let’s start spilling the beans.
The Diet and Fitness Tips Jennifer Lopez Swears by

Jennifer does not believe in becoming skinny

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She finds it boring and useless when she loses more than the desired amount of weight. Rather than being skinny, she believes in having a healthy curvaceous body that’s toned to look good.The Jenny from the block does it by engaging herself in resistance training around two to three times a week under the supervision of her trainers.

She keeps her heart healthy

Jennifer believes that cardio is one of the best ways to achieve goal weight and to stay there. When she indulges, she makes up for it by doing activities such as running, spinning, boxing and climbing stairs. Since she believes in healthy living and not in being skinny, she focusses on keeping her heart healthy.

A variety in workouts

Jennifer has incredibly attractive curves especially considering she is a single mother of twins and that she is 46 years old. Jennifer often reveals that it was an extensive combination and varieties of squats and lunges that helped her burn that extra fat and in toning. She still focusses a lot on bodyweight exercises to build muscles.

Consistency is the key

Jennifer believes that just having one fixed goal is not enough to be where you want to be in terms of looking fit. It is more about programming your body and mind to the workouts and letting them know the routine that you are going through. According to her point of view, this attitude will make you feel excellent about your body and, in turn, you won’t have to force yourself to get into the gym.

Healthy daily meal plan

Not Losing Weight
Every celeb is very concerned about how many meals they take during the day. When it comes to Jennifer, she does not compromise her meals at all. In fact, she eats the right food at the right time. She takes five meals throughout the day. She eats fresh, organic and high quality proteins and other nutrient dense food because she asserts that food is the prime factor that can make or break your health.

rati beauty diet plans

Don’t starve your body

Starving yourself is the worst habit to do just for weight loss and Jennifer never does that. Starvation makes your body lose all the nutrients and energy and leads to weight and fat gain in the long run. Plus, starvation does no good to your skin and hair. So, rather than not eating to achieve a size zero figure, she focuses on nourishing her body.

Proteins and water

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Jennifer’s diet primarily consists of consuming lots of proteins through soya and meat. Proteins are essential for keeping the body the way it is by quickly repairing dying cells. This also slows down the aging effects. Water, too, is always near her because it helps her achieving that healthy glow.

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