Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

It is a ladies’ world. We do all things right, well most of the times but sometimes we do some things that can totally drive our man crazy. After all, we were not born with a simple mind but a very complex one. There are always two conversations going on in our world. One that is actually happening and one, we think is happening in our minds.

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Let us find out some of the things that turns off a man and I am guilty of some of them too!

Constant Nagging:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 2
As the relationship progresses, a guy and a girl gets to know everything about each other. People change in every step of their lives for better. If there are some of his habits that you do not like, then you do not need to point them out 5 times a day. If there is something bothering you then have a conversation about it.

Not Respecting His Family:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 3
Yes, he is your man and will stand by you no matter what, but if you bad mouth his family members all the time then he is probably not going to like it. It will bug him sooner or later.

Revealing Too Much:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 4
It should be a woman’s prerogative of how she is dressing up, but when you are in a relationship you need to take care of his wishes too. If you wear too much revealing clothes all the time, then he is definitely not going to like it. A man wants a woman all to himself in every way possible.

Not Taking Care of Yourself:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 5
Man is a visual creature. He should love what he is seeing. I am not saying you should be all decked up all the time but dressing up once in a while does not hurt.

Too Clingy:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 6
You are a confident and independent young woman. But, sometimes when you are in a relationship, you tend to be clingy. You do not need to call him 20 times a day asking him what he is doing. A man appreciates a girl who can enjoy her own company and can decide for herself, even though he will be there in every step of the way.

Belittling his friends:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 7

A guy loves his friends. Once in a while give him a break and let him hang out with his friends even if you don’t like them. If you will keep on talking bad about his friends he will be turned off by this trait of yours. Let him have fun and you have a girl’s night out. You both will have lots of things to talk about.

Not Appreciating him Enough:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 8
We girls love compliments and so does guys! They might not say it, but they do like little kind words of appreciation, when they do something thoughtful for you. A nice compliment here and there, when he is wearing something new will definitely bring a cute smile on his face(I am thinking about my guy here).

Being Too Friendly with Other Men:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 9
If you are in a committed relationship, then it is obvious your man will be a little possessive of you. If you are being too friendly with the opposite sex, then it is going to make your man crazy and turned him off completely.

All Talking and No Listening:

Things Women Do That Turn Men Off 010

Yes, we girls love to talk and in the process we do not pay attention to what the other person is saying. I know you can talk but sometimes give your guy a chance and let him talk for a change. Be a good listener and he is going to love you for that.

So, these were some things that I think turns a man off. You can add your own and remember relationship is a two way street. These things work both ways. If your man is doing these things to you, then it is time to give him a piece of your mind.

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4 thoughts on “Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

  1. Don’t mind but only insecure men mind “Being Too Friendly with Other Men” and “Revealing Too Much”. Just an opinion. If a man likes you, he’ll like you no matter how weird you are.

  2. quite agree with all pointts above more or less 🙂
    Though I also agree with shikha 🙂 now a days guys are quite friendly and open minded I do notice that even if they are possessive for their gf or wife (which is good up to some extent) but they won’t mind their gal being too friendly with boys arnd 🙂

  3. Very True article.. But agree with Shikha and Neetu.. Boys have changed in these scenarios and they need too. As we say “Girls are not anybody’s property”

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