8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift

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Facelift! This word from the world of beauty instils a celebrity-like feeling in everyone’s mind. Although Facelift has been a part of cosmetic and skin care industry since ages, there is still a massive cloud of myths surrounding this phenomenon. This procedure has managed to become such a sought after surgical treatment for the high-quality results it produces. However, undergoing a surgical treatment for the better appearance of our personality sounds intriguing and dreadful to many of us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get the results of Facelift from some natural possible ways? Today, I have brought you a list of natural ways that can give you a transforming Facelift without going for an actual one.

Transforming face lift

For a complete effect of Facelift, you should focus on individual areas of the face at a time. This will provide a better set of results and a long lasting effect not only on your skin but also on your overall well-being.

1. Natural Facelift Masks:

The natural facelift masks are the best ways for achieving a glowing and younger looking skin. There are a lot of varieties available for you to use them from the comfort of your home or at a spa of your choice. One can easily choose a facelift mask on the basis of their skin type. If you are curious about which are the most popular facelift masks used, here is the list:
• Cucumber and Egg white face firming mask.
• Banana skin firming mask.
• Cabbage and honey skin tightening mask.
• Rice flour and papaya face lifting mask.
• Honey and blueberry skin tightening mask.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift1

2. Fact Check your Face Fat:

The main concern treated by the process of a facelift is: Face Fat. As simple as it sounds, the face fat gets easily overlooked by most of us in the name of being either chubby or cute. During a younger age, the chubby cheeks remain firm but as we proceed with years, the chubby cheeks start sagging. If the face fat is addressed at a younger age, it can totally save us from the plethora of problems that we may face in the upcoming years.
The major areas of the fat face that make us need facelift are:
• Cheeks.
• Tear Troughs.
Upper Lip.
• Chin Fold.
• Double Chin.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift7

3. The Release of Muscle Tension:

The tension in facial muscles is the major reason for the signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines etc. The facial muscles tend to get affected very quickly and are known to be very sensitive to our state of mind, mental tension and exposure to the harsh environment. Here is a list of activities that can help you in releasing the facial tension:
• Wash your face twice or thrice everyday with cold water.
• Massage gently with a suitable face cream.
• Only use soothing skin products.
• Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift4

4. Lifting Chin:

The bags of skin around the cheeks may look fuller for some time but are more likely to give a saggy chin as a result of ageing. A lift in the muscles of chin makes your face look slim and slender. There are various ways in which you can attain a chin lift:
• Gently massage the area where your chin muscles meet the neck muscles.
• Practice twice-a-day; a set of lifting your chin up and bowing it down in the count of 6-8.
• Opt for facial exercises and neck movements for an overall slender look.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift5

5. Firming Cheeks:

If you are one of those women who think fuller cheeks and firm cheeks are equally healthy, there is something you are missing. A firm set of cheeks stay firm throughout your age, whether 18 or 68. Whereas a chubby set of cheeks looks youthful in young years of age but falls prone to sagging before you know!
Here is what you can do to get firm cheeks:
• Try making a pucker face, hold it for 10 seconds and come back to relaxed pose again, try 4 sets of this in a day.
• Fill your cheeks with air as much (as you can), hold for 5 seconds and let go, try this in a set of 4-5 in a day.
• Always use sunscreen while stepping out.

6. Facelift Foods:

Our bodies are a reflection of the food we eat. This holds true for a human body of every kind and shape. Here are the cues, ladies! We can treat and avoid sagging skin and signs of ageing by consuming the right set of foods. Here is a list of highly recommended foods to take:
• Eat fresh fruits and homemade juices on an empty stomach.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Avoid eating oily and fried food.
• Limit junk food to once-twice a week.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift2

7. DIY Facelift Tricks:

There are always quick and easy tips to achieve an instant facelift for special events like a sudden date or an approaching wedding event without much preparation. Here are a few tips that can come in handy!
• Cold compression under the eyes.
• 10 minutes of essential facial exercises.
• A fresh fruit face peel off mask.

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift

8. Kitchen Charisma:

Your kitchen has a solution to almost all skin problems as time immemorial women have tried and succeeded in fighting wrinkles, signs of ageing like fine lines, sagging skin and facial fat by using simple ingredients from the kitchen. Here is a list of ingredients and the effect they have on our skin:
Tomatoes for skin brightening.
• Lemons for skin brightening.
• Papaya for skin firming.
• Aloe vera for skin firming.
Rice starch for deep cleansing.
• Cucumbers and raw potatoes for de-wrinkle.
So ladies, if Facelift scares you, go for easier alternatives like these!

8 Natural Ways to Give Yourself a Transforming Face Lift3

9. Invest in Jade Roller: Jade roller is the newest beauty tool to take the world by storm. If you are looking for a skincare boost, a jade roller is the perfect find. It is an amazing tool to reduce fine lines, decrease puffiness and increase blood circulation in skin. But before you jump onto the jade roller bandwagon, read this article on how to use jade roller correctly. Here’s the proper way to use jade roller on the face to massage face correctly.

10. Ice Facial to Add Glow and Refresh Skin: Just take a bowl of ice chill water and dunk your face in it to reduce large facial pores and to brighten up skin tone. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to do ice facial at home.
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