11 Useful Tips and Tricks for Getting your Eyeliner on Fleek

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Applying eyeliners can be tricky, be it gel or liquid. For a person who’s new to the world of liners, it may seem like some kind of sorcery. Trust me, it looks hard but is not. Applying liner is something you have to practice a lot to achieve perfection. But we all can always use some help. So here I will be sharing some of my own tried and tested tricks which I use while applying liner.

Eyeliner on fleek

1. First of all wash your face. Yes, you heard me right. I have oily lids and before applying anything I wash my face because oily skin doesn’t hold anything for long.

2. Choose a type of liner which suits you the best. I would recommend sketch liners for starters as they’re really the easiest to use.

types of eyeliners

3. Always keep some earbuds and a good cleanser ready with you so that if you go wrong somewhere (which you will, trust me) you can correct it before the liner sets. I would recommend using a water-based remover for this as an oil-based remover will make your skin oily and could mess up the rest of the makeup too.

4. Tilt your head slightly backwards for the perfect shape. I can’t stress this point any less because it is really important and it helps in perfecting the shape of the liner (this is the best piece of advice anyone can give you). Keep your eyes half close for better results.

5. I usually start from the inner corner of the eye (because of all the practice), but starting at the middle of the eye is better as you can easily determine the thickness of the liner you are applying and how much more is needed. Start from the middle and go to the outer corner keeping as close to the lashes as possible. Once you are done, go to the point you have started from and slowly move towards the inner corner. Do not rush. Keep the process slow as you can avoid mistakes in this way and get better results.

How to apply eyeliner for beginners1 copy

6. For people who love cat eyes or winged liners, there are a few ways to achieve the perfect wing. You can use some scotch tape atthe end of your lashes to the end of your eyebrow and line along it till you reach the length you want for the wing. You can also use a business card for this. Once the line is drawn, fill in the liner. For people who want to do it with free-hand, slowly draw a thin line from the end of lashes or the point where both the lids meet towards you eyebrows. This gives a real nice wing.

eyeliner card tricks

7. Now for people who love gel liners, like me, stick to one brush. Choose a brush you can work with and use it for all liners. It doesn’t have to be the brush that came with the liner. I use Eyeliner Brush by Vega.

8. Gel liners get dried up real fast and that gives a heart-burn as they are expensive and it all gets wasted. But instead of throwing them away, try this : take any oil available like coconut, almond or baby-oil, put 2-3 drops of it in the liner and mix with the brush properly. Leave it for 5 minutes or so and then you have your liner back. Don’t worry, it will not make your skin oily or spoil your liner. The liner will have some shine and will glide on smoothly. Make sure you don’t add a lot of oil, else it will get spoiled.

gel eyeliner

9. Don’t forget to wash your brush. After applying the gel liner, I wash my brush every time without a fail. This keeps the brush hair soft. Use oil first to dissolve the liner in it and then use a drop of shampoo to wash it. Dry it using a towel or a tissue. This will also help to increase the brush’s life.

10. If you are just wearing the eyeliner, tightlining your upper lids will give a better effect as your lashes will appear fuller.


11. For removing the liner, use an oil. It can be any oil. It easily removes the liner and isn’t harmful for your skin or eyes like other chemical removers.

So these are some tricks I swear by. If you have any other trick do share and keep practicing. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “11 Useful Tips and Tricks for Getting your Eyeliner on Fleek

  1. Thank for the tips .. specially the first one.. I always end up blaming the liner for not being dark enough now I think its not the liner but oily lids LOL ..let me powder my lid and try eye liner…

  2. I liked all the tips Shreya and I totally agree with you that pen styles are the easiest. I also used to start from the middle when I was just learning. Now I can apply from the front and still achieve a decent shape. 😀

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